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15 Survival Foods Every Prepper Should Stockpile


I go over my Top 15 Foods/ Items that every prepper should stockpile and have on Hand.

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  1. DropForgedSurvival says

    What Survival Food Do You feel Are a Staple for your Prepper Pantry?!

  2. KingParisBuckingham says

    Like macaroni and chowmein

  3. KingParisBuckingham says

    Which state you in bro?( Caribbean builder/ landscaper in NYC.

  4. KingParisBuckingham says

    Spam not good for you bro,will get you fat,send all for me NYC? Hahahahaha

  5. dsadsa dsdsa says

    Don’t say “uber” ever again.

  6. Emonnie's World VonTheDon757 says

    How could you forget Peanut butter?

  7. ayalacyc says

    Thanks so much for putting this video together is FABULOUS! We are preppers without a doubt. We were missing the bottle butter, beef jerkey, and other few items so glad I watched this video we a shaker here in Los Angeles today. To those who can afford a generator supergen.com has them at a affordable price and they have FABULOUS customer service. I recognized all of these products from Costco our favorite warehouse.

  8. J A says

    My brain has never defaulted to buy "survival tablets" what the hell is that even. Wheres the dam beans and rice!

  9. THE INFIDEL says

    I grew up on a farm. We made butter and butter milk in a butter churn using cream. Never heard of making butter from powder milk.

  10. Eva Maggard says

    Can meat

  11. Kathy Phillips says

    Peanut butter. Dry-roasted peanuts stored in a 5 gal "paint bucket." (Save the shells — they make good tinder for starting a fire.) Popcorn. Boullion cubes as base for soup, mashed potatoes, beans, rice — will boost the flavor & extend your salt supply. Dried fruit (raisins, apricots, pineapple, apples, dates, mango, etc) stored in a 5 gal paint bucket. Cornmeal, sugar (white & brown), cornstarch, dried cereal, pancake mix, biscuit mix, self-rising flour — all need to be stored in pest-proof containers (those 5 gal paint buckets). Preserves & jellies – store these in a tote or bucket with a foam pad on the bottom and individually wrapped in bubble wrap with thick cardboard between layers. Packages of sliced country ham…. a couple of slices will season an entire pot of beans & rice, and will either add a bit more protein in your bowl or make a tasty sandwich in a cold biscuit or a chunk of cornbread. Packages of dried seasoning mixes, sauce mixes, & gravy mixes will add tons of flavor to anything. Sausage gravy is a special favorite. A vacuum sealer can be an enormous help in reducing the bulk of some items & extending storage life. If you buy large containers of oil, store them in a dark place. Light causes oil to go rancid. Line the storage containers you use with UNSCENTED garbage bags. Fold securely over the contents, then seal the liner with duct tape. Make a list of the items in the container, place the list in a plastic bag & tape it to the side of the container (lids can get switched).

  12. Rhonda C says


  13. Benificent Millipedius says

    Protein powder is GMO! It is carcinogenic, it disturbs your hormone balance (esp bad for the ladies), and some studies indicate SOY is mutagenic. That's right, protein powder is made of SOY. Soy is sprayed with Roundup, so you are eating Roundup. Google "Roundup toxic" to see what IT does to you. Do not eat protein powder!!

  14. MrDosonhai says

    Set your pets free when SHTF except for dogs, cats are also okay to keep to prevent mice but some house cats these days don't even eat mice any more, test your cats.

  15. k law says

    Great videos. Have you ever thought about being a hand model?

  16. Rosemary Lucas says

    I do all of yours for sure. Another that comes to mind is I keep lots of baking soda on hand which can be used for a variety of purposes.

  17. TrollFarm Sage says

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  18. Poly -Wog bushcraft says

    What stores do u shop at.

  19. Valkyrie2246 says

    please stop flap your hands in the video. this is very disturbing. all you need to do different is use a pointer.

  20. bob haz says

    90% of all honey in the US has a tiny bit of real honey all sugar

  21. Sound of Jesus says

    Sucralose splenda in protein powders IRREVERSIBLE LIVER DAMAGE -READ YOUR LABELS!!! In food to WAKE THE ….UP!!

  22. Bobbie Schendel says

    How about adding hard candy

  23. C Smith says

    Re vitamins, which are essential to the body but which cannot be synthesised by the body. e.g. vitamin D which you get from sunlight, oily fish and eggs. Vitamin C which we get from fruits and veg. We need to learn about all 13.

  24. donna wilbur says

    You forgot eggs, powdered or water glassed

  25. Bonnie Garber says

    I'm loving all the comments here. I have been prepping for a long while. If packing up say corn or wheat thinking you can plant later if need be, of course they best be organic grown, do not use oxygen absorbers, causes them not to grow. What I use in my beans, rice, grains is diatomaceous earth. And it is healthy for our bodies, also. But it kills bugs that tend to be in all the above. I have had rodents chew through 5 gal bucket lids, too.

  26. Rhonda Davidson says

    Super good tips for neophyte like me! Thank you!!

  27. Joan Jasper says

    We need a list of foods that need no refrigeration.

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