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13 Year Old Kid goes *CRAZY* over ROBLOX Football Universe!


Today we played Football Universe with a 13 Year Old Kid who goes *CRAZY*




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  1. King Moo says

    This kid is on crack dude

  2. Sarah Quarmon says

    his first name is wide receiver his last name is "QuarterBack" LMFAO.

  3. Tyninjason Ty says

    At the end he go flipped XD

  4. Loki Savage says

    Istg Josiah’s laugh is so weird lmfao

  5. Tough says

    looking back at this i missed moments like this when the boys would hope in pubs and play games with echother good times wish zach never got banned for mags

  6. Aueru says

    Star code is col monte for free robux

  7. Rudy Robinson says

    I meant to say leanord.

  8. Rudy Robinson says

    6:35 you really tried to do the kawia lenarf laugh 😂😂😂

  9. Sha’Haad Heyward says


  10. Quadir Baldwin says


  11. Nicholas Lazard says

    Monte avatar was hella ugly this game nc

  12. Carson Coburn says

    a yo what about it

  13. Judy Wooden says

    I like your vids

  14. Judy Wooden says


  15. Joshua Otukoya says

    Gimmie dreads

  16. BellyRolesツ says

    Monte you started off being toxic 😂

  17. Rolando Hightower says

    Monte I wish I could play you in 3v3 cuae I just became a 78 overall

  18. Slxkk zay says

    No lie but it's crazy how Monte has 46.6k subs but barely has any likes.. it's hella weird….

  19. JasonSayz says

    Bro this kid laughing kills me

  20. AggroKave says

    10 robux for rookie packs from rblx.land

  21. XenoNick says

    I don’t trust any robux app after what happen to my first roblox account

  22. Football Genius God says

    I y.

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