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12 Healthy Smoothies


Try any of these healthy smoothies to jumpstart your day!

Here is what you’ll need!

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  1. E Beth says

    Me: watches this video
    Also me: doesn't own a blender

  2. Kong Lewis says

    Who watch this during lockdown ???? ????


    There is no such thing as Greek yogurt. Its a Turkish yogurt.

  4. H U H says

    Bruh , spinach with blueberries thats a no no

  5. Knowledge Updates says

    Who is watching video amd making smoothie in mouth with saliva ????????????

  6. That 4c Girl says

    The chocolate and peanut butter one . I always buy that but with no bananas

  7. Grace Ramon says

    There's only a few I can make they all look good I can't chew because I have braces and put springs n my mouth so have to drink smoothie

  8. Milton Gutierrez says

    Omg all this looks so good

  9. octavia benadict says

    What blender are they using

  10. Brooke Nagy says

    Reminder: 0:34

  11. Red Cherry says

    Who else is watching this knowing that there most likely not going to make them but find it enjoyable to watch ;-;

  12. nguyen huonghung says


  13. Mr Toast says

    I would make these (that’s probably a lie) but I don’t have a blender and I’m 12 years old

  14. Kiza Jaxx says

    Is there a substitute for bananas in smoothies if your allergic to them

  15. Dylan Quintero says

    I tried the strawberry banana one, I would say only like 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt instead of 1 cup

  16. Sab Rina says

    What blender is used in the video please ? It is really powerful thank you

  17. gunjan singh says

    No sugar? How could anyone drink them????

  18. Stop Clickbait says

    Ok seriously, who drinks THAT much smoothie??

  19. SugarRimBar says

    Anyone else have only 1 of every OTHER item in their fridge? That would be a DISGUSTING SMOOTHIE…hahaha!!!!!

  20. sh _26 says

    When u don't have most of the ingredients:

  21. Katrīna Rūta *********** says

    What blender are you using?

  22. J Heart Note says

    Watching this while drinking water

  23. Navya Bhatia says

    It's very healthy

  24. Navya Bhatia says

    It's really very healthy…

  25. Thomas Ross says

    Okay but what are the health benefits of each smoothie

  26. Jannatun Nesa says

    What's the name of this bleander?

  27. Oscar Torralbo says

    my smoothies taste like water

  28. Miranda Otterson says

    Me :omg I can’t wait to watch clicks video get a smoothy ad
    Me :thinking it’s the video

  29. Sajjadali Kanji says

    It’s going too fast

  30. Aman Ojha says

    Am I only one who make smoothies with any vegitable and drinks it with enjoy or vomit????

  31. Moira Fa’atalatala says

    Has anyone tried making these flavors and if so, which would you recommend is the best one?

  32. Joy Wangdus says

    Tasty – Smoothie (Daft Punk Remix)

  33. Gbfk7 says

    Damn i was doing it wrong with ny ninja blender, no wonder it feels like there was always no space for the ice, you have to add the ice after blending just the ingredients the first time.

  34. simple yonder says


  35. Adolf Deserre says

    ???? Nice upload, just subbed.

  36. Zia-ul-haq Chaudhry says


  37. Amorstopineed says

    I can`t unthink the destruction of how to basic in that. 😀

  38. Cook and Blossom says

    Very Nice!

  39. _ Broody says

    Anybody got an alternative for the ice? … Hate cold, and your stomach needs to warm the smoothie before it goes further into the body/bloodstream

  40. Triple Demz says

    My Current method for making smoothies is to just dump any fruit i have in a blender. Sometimes good, sometimes gross

  41. Mariah says

    This video plays way too fast.

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