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11 Things NOT to do in SYRIA (Extreme Travel Syria)


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  1. Jacob Laukaitis says

    Thanks for watching the whole video, you legend! The Syrian people definitely did not deserve what happened to them and thus I think we should do our best to help them in this dire situation. Donate to the International Rescue Committee who help thousands of Syrian refugees around the world: http://bit.ly/DonateSyrianRefugees orrrrr get your 'People Are Kind' shirt (all profits will be donated to IRC): http://bit.ly/PeopleAreKind thanks in advance! Lastly, if you haven't seen my daily life in Syria yet, check it out right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM9cxVKNqJ0 Stay Curious! ❤️

  2. Jose Hernandez says

    I will never go to syria but Im watching this lmao

  3. Hugh Janus says

    Stop wearing your gay little message shirts. You’d have to be a complete idiot to go to Syria.

  4. أمير says

    What if you are Arab? Can you travel to Syria if you are Arab but have never been to Syria?

  5. MrJustliketht says

    Your tour guide lied to you. Buddy knew where the church was lol

  6. Eddie Achtem says

    You show about Syria shows you're well versed on lots of Syria.

  7. Boombap Conissour says

    Excellent video

  8. Super Hero says

    for me, you look like matt damon

  9. Mnm Nmn says


  10. Paradigm _sh1ft says

    Tip #2 Is a major part of why Syria was attacked in the first place.

    It's economy is/was self sufficient. It owed no global debt and wealth was recirculated back to Syrians.

    Economically, planet Earth could've gone dark and Syria's little economy would've just kept on ticking.

  11. Chuuya Donu says

    Note: you can actually take the water bottle you pay for with you.

  12. AGF Tun says

    dont give your documents to any guide

  13. joseph smith says

    No shots from raqqa

  14. Janedoe 1984 says

    you look like Matt Damon 🙂

  15. Laura Al Jundi says

    I want to tell you that we smoke because it's the only way we can do to make ourselves feel better, as there is no other way to calm ourselves with or do something to feel better . Well, smokes do it all. We don't smoke because we like it but we need it to ease our pain. As it is 24/7 continuously painful life.

  16. AngelMediadorEntreNosotros=Amen says

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  17. Alma D.y says

    The shit you just said isn't right. Don't come again if you don't like it….

  18. Tyrant asaur says

    1:29 Cham city center 🙂

  19. Kimi 1111sha says

    what to not do in Syria?going there

  20. amanda mcauly says

    i am from syria jacob laukaitis you are so kind and you are respecting my country and culture

  21. slade tuner says


  22. Farah Siddique says

    ,,SALAAM may ALLAH bless every one AMEEN

  23. Karma IsReal says

    Thank you for sharing. Very interesting and you're brave to travel there honestly.

  24. Mel Hegrat says


  25. Vitaliy T says

    Can you pass on your guide info?

  26. Hey Jude says

    Main thing not to do
    Do not travel to Syria

  27. Charles Michael says

    Are you Dutch or Swedish? Just wondering

  28. Owlen Scaggs 3rd says

    Sounds like the Syrians are racial profiling

  29. Owlen Scaggs 3rd says


  30. Modestas Gendvilas says

    great story ! many thanks !

  31. Je t'aime en dieu En Dieu says

    Mashalllah, I saw your divine happiness in Syria, they are all my favourite people in the Arab World, I find them sincere, friendly, helpful, kind and beautiful people, One day I will visit Syria because I have so many Syrian precious friends, Alhamdulillah

  32. boiboiboi says

    I think you’re mistaken for isis or something like that, because the only way to identify isis member is through how they grow their beard

  33. LOL PIGS says

    your video really helps me for my social science thanks

  34. ʀɪᴋᴜᴅᴏᴜ sᴇɴɴɪɴ says

    Number 12: don't talk in a bad way about the president (dictator) because well… Ur gonna get killed.

  35. Sudeep Chowdhury says

    Bro… no offense but 1st thing to do is ……..


  36. Genesis Gonzalez says

    I truly need to know why you wanted to visit Syria?

  37. Kamal Alsayed says

    A nog thank you so much man fur your big heart and understanding you are a such nice man hope to meet you

  38. Pocossam Samopoco says

    Haven't seen non-terrorist foreign people*

  39. Eternal Summer Rising - Traveling Techies says

    Everybody deserves to live with peace and freedom. Syrians are friendly beautiful and friendly people.

  40. Kele Beck says

    There are Christians in Syria

  41. Kele Beck says

    Those buildings look terrible ..I hope there will eventually be peace there

  42. Kele Beck says

    Why would anyone travel there?? Maybe someday after all the wars are over …if that day comes! There are a lot of amazing historical things but anyone thinking of going there now ..unless they’re from there..has got to be crazy

  43. Farah Siddique says

    Please keep SAFE take care

  44. DJ Gigolo says

    I Wish I Was Never Born In This Hell .
    What Must I Do , That's My Destiny

  45. Anna Hollander says

    Arabic sounds excited or angry for people who don't understand the language. Its just the rhythm of the language.

  46. abu awsaf says

    Syria has become a police state long ago

  47. Alexandra S says

    I didn't know about smoking in Syria and Lebanon, it's the same here in Greece ? it's like you're a minority if you don't smoke.

  48. Angela Crouch says

    Thing not to do in Syria # 12
    Don't go visit Syria…

    They're smoking because they've been at war, and they need a stress reducer. If I lived in a war torn country I'd be smoking 5 cigarettes at once. Who cares about your health at that point. You don't know if you'll live long enough to make it to the lung cancer dangers of the cigarettes, when your town is being leveled right before your eyes. Here, smoke this cigarette to help you cope.

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