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11 RIDICULOUS records that Lionel Messi broke this season | Oh My Goal


Is Lionel Messi having an average season? This video will convince you otherwise! At 33 years old, Lionel Messi has broken 11 records this season. Discover the 11 records broken by Lionel Messi this season in this

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  1. Sam Sam says

    Messi is the best player after pele

  2. Ben Anderson says

    Messi is a victim of his own success, people always expect more

  3. Olarewaju Oyesanmi says


  4. Intesar Mehbub Khan Ramim says

    2:24 Perfectly Said

  5. Jesse Rokach says

    ? ?

  6. beotho says

    Hey.. He's Lionel Messi :D^^

  7. Umair Ali says

    Neymar is the best player in Europe so shut it haters you don't know anything about football

  8. ambesh karanjit says

    Messi is the GOAT

  9. Scorn27 says

    RONALDO OVER noob messi

  10. Hameem Gillani says

    Messi had amazing season while FCB had average season.

  11. LostLameLooP says

    Honestly, perfect time to quit la liga. No one will ever beat him.

  12. Bibek Pokharel says

    Barca had only one player in the field

  13. Tarius Alfred says

    Messi is the best player in the world.

  14. Santhosh Ramesh says

    Why not do a Ronaldo Breaks Records Video
    Because OMG are fully partial Messi Fans….

  15. Ronaldo Fan says

    Oh My Goal
    Please do the first footballer to score a freekick

  16. Góc Chiến Thuật - Football Tactics says

    Yes messi mes ?



  18. alawi muzeyi says

    the 4 record is bs ronaldo has scored againt 35 teams bruh

  19. Super Football Gamer says

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka made a new record in every season 0 goals in different clubs.

  20. Surajit Jash says

    Messi has 21 assist not 20

  21. Dwaipayan Podder says

    Messi: Ronaldo King of hatricks
    Ronaldo: What you forgot you broke my record
    Messi: Oh Shit I forgot about you too which club do you play for

  22. Ally Oooff says

    Ronald fans, I'm waiting for y'all to say messi ain't the GOAT ?
    But u can't deny it after this video

  23. zoom game says

    woow very nice

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