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1000HP Lamborghini VS 1000HP GTR Street Race! (Who's Faster?)


1000HP Lamborghini VS 1000HP GTR Street Race! (Who’s Faster?)

This is the best races I have ever done… me and Jake paul wanted too found out who’s car is faster… and the race was a close call…


SNAPCHAT – tannerfoxx


Sony 16-35mm Lense

Rode Microphone 

SD Card 


Canon G7 X Mark II 

TFOX Signature Scooter Wheels!

BUSINESS – tannerfoxbiz@gmail.com

outro song!

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  1. Makhan Soggi says

    Lamborghini huracan performante is my dream lamborghini

  2. Kabnoog Muas says

    So your Nissan GTR has 1000 hp even the Lambo

  3. Matteo Noyola says

    Have you guys noticed on jakes lambo his plate says smurfe lol

  4. Bethany Montes says

    Tannr year gtr is really cool

  5. MB08 says

    GTR should clap

  6. Nam Stouters says

    Song name

  7. Nicholas Sanzari says

    And in tanners other video it’s totaled 700hp gtr

  8. Nicholas Sanzari says

    Jakes lambo only has 600 hp???
    My pickup has more horsepower

  9. Nicholas Sanzari says

    Do they realize neither of those cars have 1000 hp

  10. Pranav Ghadigaonkar says

    Tanner would made it early but his start was a bit sloppy

  11. Coolwhip 89 says

    What song is that sounds dope

  12. Nightcore Reaper says

    Hey tanner fox I have ur gtr in forza horizon 4 game but I was gonna make it a YouTuber car looking like ur car i faded green and black if u want me to make ur car on my forza horizon 4 game

  13. Tyler Smith says

    Not a street race but ok

  14. Hayden Huckeby says

    Hayden was a good friend of

  15. little man says

    jake: 5.57
    tanner: 5,46

    tanner has a bigger winner

  16. Reuben Kom says

    Any one like GTR if u like put ur hands up ☝️☝️

  17. devesh parma says

    Hi what song it is when he was driving

  18. Omar Khattab says

    what's faster* ?

  19. Ali Jawansher says

    Nice car bro nice sound bro

  20. Angelicae Vaca says

    I like jake. He is cool

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