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epic challenge

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  1. Paul Pennson says

    In a VIP server i got 101 yard gain haaaaa

  2. Emmanuel Opoku-Ware says

    That's the best admin. He's grown up…damn

  3. Ryan Perez says

    Juicy can you add me on Roblox my user is Shywalker098

  4. Jake Miller X says

    You have to have the football out of the end one

  5. bbarnesley Maddox says


  6. Randi Ulevog-Jones says

    I've seen the world record for longest yard gain for ff is 101 yards lol

  7. Jason Torres says

    Juicy I got a hundred yard gain by my self on a public server when everyone left

  8. Linrod Symonette says

    100 yards no

  9. 1-800 giyuuandtodorokitears says

    I did it in a big server what u talking about

  10. The Lawson Family says

    Bro all u have to do is face the endzone with the ball in the endzone then kneel

  11. Jessica Tynan says

    Username: mixablex_d

  12. Jessica Tynan says

    I can help you get 100 yards

  13. Potato god says

    Juicy all you had to do was have the wr stay in the end zone then run…

  14. Shep productions says

    Lol that is not football fusion

  15. JPlays_Gaming says

    6:35 non stop talking like a pro speaker

  16. makelives says

    Hello juicy back with the uploads

  17. Briggs Welsh says

    The only way to get it is when there is a glitch when your in the end zone and it does not count as a score and then knee and the ball will be put on the goal line. “But you have to knee it in the Td”

  18. vlar is big shidder says

    im a retired main league qb

  19. vlar is big shidder says

    bro want lessons how to qb

  20. Nintendo Gaming says

    I’ve been subscribed to juicy John since 100 sub

  21. Cassian Kowolik says

    Hi juicy I have an account on roblox and I play this a lot. I want to learn how to qb so I want to ask you if you would friend request me a teach me how to be a good qb. If you will my username is Kowalikjr

  22. Ice Breaker FF says

    u gotta get a penalty

  23. Wyatt Fisher says

    Ummm, there's no such thing as a 100 yard pass it the 0 yard line

  24. NBAcurrygoat says

    15 k already dam

  25. Kaven YT says

    A match wit me plz man ima stop asking cuz I don’t think u see me I’ll dm u my disc if u ever wanna play wit me

  26. Suga Bee says

    U gotta throw to the touchdown

  27. Puna Tali says

    Try to get safety next time

  28. Nokatez says

    I got a 101 yard pass before I dont know how

  29. Limited Squad says

    dino and me did this!

  30. Juju Bush says

    On july 13 can we play its near my bday

  31. Lilced3xxx says

    J was there that's my freind

  32. SENARIO OKkk says

    250 liked

  33. Lean Gamer says

    I did a tutorial how to do it should should have look at mines lil

  34. J_vidyn says


  35. pizzasteve28 says

    aye that’s my friend jose:)

  36. Ninja_god says

    Lol my comment not liked

  37. I love how juicy kept calling him jose XD

  38. sgpapesh1 says

    juicy is at 15k subs 🙂

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