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10-Year-Old Soccer SENSATION | Next Lionel Messi?


10-year-old Chase Carrera is one of the BEST young soccer players in the world. He says he wants to be the NEXT Lionel Messi.


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  1. Whistle says

    Check out our NEW video with Chase to see how his game has evolved! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNFAn4iWy6s

  2. Grizmister says

    He is that one kid who think he is the best and just does skills but when he is vs a good cb he would get wrecked

  3. SporteeGamer says

    Do you wonder if they just get actors and get them to train for a few days?

  4. Richard de la Garza says

    I think that is is pretty good

  5. george N says

    I never thought I wanted to stop soccer
    Me dude you have been playing for like a year at your age I wanted to be a pilot now I want to be a Greek Navy seal

  6. Mbappé Jr2007 says

    I am better than him

  7. Elizabeth Cabrera says

    At the end he says that he is one of the only kids in the world that focuses as hard as him but in Brazil those kids have no trainers no shoes and a horrible soccer ball and they play all day focus all day and they are better than him

  8. Elizabeth Cabrera says

    Messi celebrates too when he makes a goal

  9. Elizabeth Cabrera says

    The kid in my class is better than him and he has 2 trainers

  10. Elizabeth Cabrera says

    He couldn’t even jump rope ?

  11. ari kadang says

    Man utd and liverpool own by american owner…but none USA youth go to their academy…..that wierd


    He thinks he is so cool but he’s not he is kinda cringe

  13. Ultra asmr says

    “Ronaldo is super cocky” me: they both are ;-;

  14. [IC3ZZ] Cristian_09 says

    I’ll tell you this rn, if he ever goes pro he will be nowhere near compared to other players

  15. Ednow Education Services says

    Hello Football lovers , here is a small video made for children to know about football basics. Our aim is to encourage kids across the world play this beautiful game . Thank You .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0q8d5ce3gug

  16. Zero G says

    There should be ranaldo on the wall cause he cocky to I think I’m better than anyone else

  17. Dino Cull says

    Whats up was the cringey thing I’ve ever heard

  18. DHS TV says

    This guy is good but realistically America doesn't have good young footbsll players even if I came there i would be considered as good as him.The only reason everyone thinks he's good is because of his wealthy parents who could afford 5 trainers call him up to play in Europe and he would be much worse.He would be above average but still wouldn't be the best.I think that this guy is just being overhyped

  19. Nbrown 777 says

    “I think that I will be better that Messi”. Correction, no one will ever be better than the G.O.A.T.

  20. Nbrown 777 says

    “I think I will be better than Messi” correction no one will be as good as Messi ever. Messi is the G.O.A.T

  21. Tommyd 24 says

    Kids kind of cocky

  22. CXP Vexzy says

    I got one question what about fifa

  23. Kareem Hajeer says

    sub to me for soccer videos real madrid barcelona arsenal man und liverpool and more

  24. The headless chicken 26 says

    He comes over to Scotland he’s gonna have kids who want to break his ankles

  25. Carlos Arce says

    At the same age Messi was way better then him

  26. Carlos Arce says

    You need a team to win the world cup not a one man team

  27. Eli John says

    He so cocky

  28. c_griffintsdd gtbla says

    “People will know my name from my initials”
    Me not even 10 seconds into the video: “Wait, what’s this kids name?”

  29. Katie Borland says

    They don't even know the word for football

  30. Gamea Timea says

    Pretty good but too cocky

  31. Conor Quinn says

    U do take days off

  32. Fuzzy Pickles says

    Ronaldo isn't cocky. I like Messi and Ronaldo,and you can really compare them coz they're both good at different things

  33. Gemma Nixon says

    Stop being jealous at least he trains

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