10-Year-Old Soccer SENSATION | Next Lionel Messi?

10-year-old Chase Carrera is one of the BEST young soccer players in the world. He says he wants to be the NEXT Lionel Messi.


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View: 10-Year-Old Soccer SENSATION | Next Lionel Messi?

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33 bình luận trong “10-Year-Old Soccer SENSATION | Next Lionel Messi?

  1. At the end he says that he is one of the only kids in the world that focuses as hard as him but in Brazil those kids have no trainers no shoes and a horrible soccer ball and they play all day focus all day and they are better than him

  2. This guy is good but realistically America doesn't have good young footbsll players even if I came there i would be considered as good as him.The only reason everyone thinks he's good is because of his wealthy parents who could afford 5 trainers call him up to play in Europe and he would be much worse.He would be above average but still wouldn't be the best.I think that this guy is just being overhyped

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