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10-Year-Old Has INSANE Basketball Handles


10-year-old Collin Tjin is way ahead of the basketball game…

Check out our update on Collin’s progress HERE!

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  1. hop says

    How tall is this kid at 10? Looks about 4 foot tall.

  2. Top Live Music says

    e se non cresce e rimane basso?

  3. Smile. 5 says

    Stop being mean to the dad’s voice chill out

  4. MisterMokay Vids says

    I bet his dad smokes 500000 packs a hour

  5. Trickstar says

    Jeez this kid looks tiny for a 10 year old

  6. Ligitscores says

    He has decent handles but teach him defense for once


    I am 15 and it is so so cute that the ball is bigger than him???

  8. Tony says

    That kid can literally beat me in a 1v1

  9. Chinmay Babu says

    Bro never change once u grow up

  10. Jessica Jose says

    I'm turning 10 but i cant do those handles or INSANE shots …

  11. DigDiamond123 says

    I'll meet this kid in the NBA?

  12. Lost. says

    If i were against him in basketball, i would just let him cross me.. my ankles will live to fight for another day

  13. Christina Mcintosh says

    On yeah that dribbling skills tou I can do that ?? HEY no I can not ?

  14. lol Lol says

    Not trying to be cocky or anything but I’m god at watching YouTube

  15. clampschris says

    Older Than me yet can't beat me ?

  16. Falah aby Boi finally change my name says

    A 10 year old wearing Yeezy

  17. Gloryboy05 says

    Anyone over 5’9 can beat him hands down

  18. Jacky G says

    I’m god at watching my phone not trying to me cocky or anything

  19. Anthony Murphy says

    collin: i go to the beach and jog in the sand

    no days off: boss ithink we have the next mj

  20. Wraith says

    I’m a beast at taking a $hit

  21. Slosh Ed says

    Lmao why does this kid get a whole video about him he ain't as good as me, or anyone I know

  22. Clancy Giann Rojas says

    I want to play with this kid. Please my basketball video in my channel.

  23. Ruzzix says

    He work on his game alot and I appreciate that:)

  24. Tynted says

    In 8 years this kid will be in lakers absolutely balling on everyone no cap

  25. Swifty says

    The kid: a hooper hooper

    The dad: a smoker smoker

  26. Blue wold wolf Of greatness says

    This kid is the next Kyrie Irving

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