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10 Ways iOS 14 is Better than Android!


10 Ways iOS 14 is Better than Android! Hello all and welcome to this video discussing 10 ways the Apple’s iOS 14 operating system has went past Google’s Android Operating system in 2020. The intentions of this video is to educated you on some of the new important changes that have come to the iPhone and iOS devices. If you believe that there are still improvements that need to be made and have reasons why Android still is the better OS please state those features below. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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  1. Nick Ackerman says

    10 Ways iOS 14 is Better than Android! In this video we take a look at some of the reasons Pro Apple iOS 14! Share reasons why you think either iOS 14 or Android is the pick for you! Enjoy the video 🙂

  2. Rapper Merch says

    Privacy isn't a plus for me. I read manga, and I consume ALOT of content. If I were to swap to iOS, I would lose lots of 3rd party apps that allow me to get stuff for free because of their strict app guidelines. Aside from Apple's ridiculous pricing, I would have to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year to get the same experience. In the future I might buy one apple phone for social and everyday use, and a Samsung note for reading manga/watching anime/workflow.

  3. Evan Anderson says

    I like this one more

  4. TheMrreese24 says

    The only truth was older iphones can get the current updates, there's mods for android nobodies worried about updates, it's a do it yourself platform that's not limited, widgets with one function, picture in picture only 2 apps, imessage only with iphones,app drawer but the way we say, hey if you like how Apple does things for you im glad for you, but please do your research, and ios isn't faster, however the gpu, hence the game framerates are more consistent, android gives the people what they want full control, you ios guys keep complaining about the things you don't like cause android will continue to innovate and bring features with said complaint and make it so prominent on our platform that you guys will be even more upset so keep it up, fyi I enjoy the debate.

  5. Niek Games says

    The ios app gallery realy looks like the windows phone homescreen?

  6. AberrS says

    The simplicity in IOS is more appealing to me

  7. Oluwafemi Okedeyi says

    One UI solves every single things apart from the update…it's actually my favourite UI

  8. steel united111 says

    I wish you would do a video on your own phone and why you chose it?

  9. Guilherme Silva says

    In my opinion Apple has everything to get the 20's, the 10's was basically for Android, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max started a revolution in the hardware side, bringing 3969 mAh of battery, the battery was one of Iphone's weaknesses and now with IOS 14 is bringing a software revolution to Apple, lots of features, including one that is really simple but also extremely important, that is the mirror front camera, so Apple is totally fixing iPhone and IOS bad points, there are still some bad points , the notch is one of them, but apple is definitely waking up.

  10. Lois Adamo says

    O boy you somend The appel hater and Android fanboy

  11. Kerry Dawson says

    Nick I wanted to ask a question about iPhones. I have an XR and an 11 pro max – both just recently acquired. I got the pro max loaded with 256 gig memory – very expensive. I then thought should I be waiting for the iPhone 12. The thing that appeals to me on the iphone 12 is the 6 gigs of RAM. I am a big believer in lots of RAM. If I keep the 11 pro Max I know i will loose a lot on the resale. Not so much with the XR. Their initial prices are wildly different – $762 CDN XR and $1950 CDN 11 pro Max. If it weren’t for this 6 gig RAM I’d keep the the 11 pro Max. Curious what you’d do – keep XR till iPhone 12 comes out or just stick with the 11 pro Max.

  12. shahir says

    Iphone 6s is from 2015

  13. Jhonki Gonzalez says

    Personally not even this IOS 14 can beat Android, specially if you pair Android with Oxygen OS.

  14. MIRZA RIZWAN says

    I was ? sad my XR missed XS 3D Touch and 11 Quick take camera app. Guess, what! XR running iOS 14 got both features!! I’ll be sticking with XR for another 1-2 years

  15. Kingsley says

    "Smart stack" exists on Android platform via the Square Home launcher. Its actually a cube for widget and app functionality.

  16. Martin Grant says

    I can’t say I like one over the other , I love both operating systems for different reasons ?

  17. Marvel Jones says

    I’m rolling with iOS cause Apple don’t really let 3rd party in like Android do and it’s very easy for Android devices to get a virus and you don’t hear about Apple getting a lot of virus on your Device, so I’ll take safety over looks and Apple is all most at a ?% for being the best safe phone out there.

  18. Huten Dax says

    The imessage reply block is already on messenger (facebook) which android users us?

  19. MasterSkySparklez says

    One ui > stock android > ios


  20. JayN01a says

    Android still has a lot more to offer. iOS has made great strides in perfecting that home screen, however it is time for Apple to loosen their grip on customization. That home screen is so stale to me. Android gives freedom to change or customize how you want or not.

  21. Jamie Burton says

    My pixel shows an camera icon or mic or location icon whenever any are being used what happened to that?

  22. 1cosmicdebris says

    I can't wait till the "Why Android is better" video!!!! I. Can't. Wait!

  23. Farn Wattana says

    I love how in 2020 Android is simpler than iOS ?

  24. Sriharsh Gottipati says

    Pixel is catching up with iOS in updates

  25. Hajar Malavan says


  26. Ricky Roma says

    Have both. Its 'Coca Cola vs Pepsi'.

  27. Te says

    Tasker app must be there in why android is better. It better be lol.

  28. Ady Robert says

    totally fake my friend! on android you have two option: split screen or pop-up aplication and from there you can adjust how you want the size of aplication (youtube,fb etc). Android remain the most customization platform! The ios is far away in back believe me! (ex user ios)

  29. Baconface McGee says

    The 6S is from 2015…

  30. David Bilgates says

    Correction: ios > google os

  31. Mark Bennett says

    Surprisingly the Android/IOS wars haven’t erupted hard in the comments section! I’ve noticed this generally recently on YouTube. Perhaps the trolls have grown up a bit or has the iPhone 11/ upcoming IOS14 coupled with much more expensive Android flagships with issues taken the wind out of their sails?

  32. Ivan Vidal says

    The iPhone 6s was presented in 2015*

  33. Joshua Woodard says

    I tried iPhone when iPhone X came out. I returned it for a Galaxy Note 8. I didn't like the notch 3 years ago, and unless they come up with a solution, it's likely going to be a note 20 for me.

  34. Aves says

    iOS will always be better than android

  35. Supahfly Spidey says

    I love IOS and stock Android

  36. Patrick Chong says


  37. Kola Aminu says

    My Samsung gives me a green light close to the punch hole when I'm using my Mic

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