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10 Tips to Make Android Faster (For Free)


Here are 10 ways to speed up Android!
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  1. kingssman2 says

    Should note. Don't fully turn off animations because some apps and games can become glitchy if the animation is set to 0. Some animations such as confirmation dialogs, or game animations simply wont show if that setting is at 0.

  2. NINX 21 says

    You got minecraft guy?
    Just it , I like your video

  3. Syoiu DG says

    Thanks alot, this vedio really speeded up my android phone

  4. Munchpumpkinz says

    ???? thx

  5. Zephyr says

    Hello Joe! please, could you tell what can I do if a Xiaomi 5 doesn't load anything when connected to a wi-fi network? which is okay because any other phone would work just fine when connected to the same wi-fi network 🙁

  6. Prabhat Rathi says

    Someone is making the technology handy, simple and understandable.
    You are going to hit 5M sooner, as sooner your voice spread to masses //

  7. Daniel Pantoja says

    I remember this guy made Xbox 360 videos

  8. Aarav Regmi says

    Bruh you played minecraft pe ?????? 8 weeks ago ? ? ?

  9. Kathleen Peter says

    Great Tips

  10. XxNygel_TERNSxX says

    Thio thio joe joe

  11. Baby Shella says

    I luv your vids bro keep up the hype

  12. Paul says

    Bright side said if you laugh You Lose Weight???

  13. all might says


  14. Harman arora says

    What you think about nova launcher

  15. AquaWildfire says


  16. Chanith Dulnitha says

    Thio Joe my Samsung phone cannot be updated.Can't understand why. pls.reply.

  17. LolMinecraft EZ says

    Now… i know.. he likes Minecraft…

  18. Chris Dale クリスデイル says

    The most lightweight browser I've used in Android is VIA. And yes, it is available in Play Store

  19. Imperial Blackout says

    But till know I thought app and games didn't depend on animation settings

  20. Jaxon Smurthwaite says


  21. Tino 123 says

    Another one restart your phone once in a while

  22. tanjiro says

    dont download anything from chrome in android buz its a virussss:)

  23. LOSTSPIRIT says

    Thank you sir

  24. roblox videos says

    i tried but it didnt work!

    (i hope i get into a video of thiojoe about dumb people)

  25. Orange Moon says

    Dont make enable the developer option you will be lag .

  26. Entertainment209 says

    Not even close to indian teach

  27. HotBox 20 says

    I think Chrome also has a 'lite mode'

  28. Gamusa Presents says

    Love u bro

  29. Zecaraiah Morella says


  30. Raniel Robin says

    Android 9 vs android 10? Whos fast?

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