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10 Sling Bags For Every Occasion | Should You Travel With One?


We looked at 60-plus slings when making our in-depth sling bag guide, and in this video we’re taking a look at 10 that have stuck out to us and will work for a variety of personal styles. How To Choose The Best Sling Bag For You:

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0:00 – Intro
0:58 – Why Choose A Sling?
1:44 – Aer Day Sling 2
3:12 – Arc’teryx Maka 2 Waistpack
4:26 – Chrome Industries MXD Notch Sling Bag
5:50 – CabinZero Hip Pack 2L
7:14 – Tom Bihn Side Effect
8:55 – Herschel Supply Co. Form Crossbody
10:24 – Pacsafe Venturesafe X Anti-Theft Sling Pack
11:56 – Patagonia Atom Sling
13:12 – Peak Design Everyday Sling 3L
15:10 – Hyperlite Mountain Gear Versa

Love them or hate them, sling bags have exploded in popularity the past few years. But these controversial bags are more than just a fashion accessory. They’re also a convenient way to keep your daily essentials handy and organized while traveling the world—or simply living your life.

As long as you don’t mind a slings resemblance to the polarizing fanny pack, they make the ideal companion. They hold everything that’s usually inside of your pockets and more gear that you’d like to bring around with you for the day—like a camera, sunscreen, tools, a notebook and pen, water bottle or a packable jacket—the possibilities are endless. We like to call this PocketsPlus.

Slings are also a great option for one bag travelers who would like to have a small personal item for flights. They’ll fit almost everything you could ever want in-flight…within reason, of course. Plus, you can throw the entire thing in a bin, and breeze through airport security easily.

Remember, there isn’t one sling bag that will work for everyone. You need to consider your use-case to find the sling that will work for you.

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  1. Pack Hacker says

    Do you travel with a sling bag?

  2. dpj3pj says

    Can you guys review something like the modoker?
    A travel/garment bag?

  3. Andres Najera says

    I like that you show them while wearing them

  4. David Landers says

    Have y'all ever reviewed or talked about haversack style bags. I would like your thoughts on those please. Thanks.

  5. Anand Venkataramani says

    U r looking hot sexy

  6. Jerry Burwick says

    Well I’ve seen so many, what do you recommend

  7. Jerry Burwick says

    Like it

  8. Tyler Brown says

    Curious why you guys never review Jansport products?

  9. Clare Feneley says

    I have two of the Atom slings. The older versions of this sling have anextra strap that goes around your hips, which I find particularly useful while biking.

  10. Arie Feiman says

    The point made at 1:16 is VERY underrated and not often mentioned by other bag reviewers, i.e. using the sling as a personal item for those stingy airlines.
    There are many advocators out there for one bag travel, but if you want to bring any camera equipment in your carry-on, it's nearly impossible to stay within the required weight limit of 7-9kg. The fact that you can share the weight with your sling – in case they ask to weigh your over-the-weight carry-on- is a huge peace of mind!

  11. E D says

    Which one seemed less like a man purse!

  12. Bronson says

    they don't really look good on bigger guys like us unfortunately, I like them on smaller people though

  13. MARCELO ARÊAS says


  14. Harry Neville says

    I am using the Pro Camera Sling Bag by Instinct as my everyday bag and camera bag, fitting my Sony A7 with 1 small and 1 medium lens. Got it from their Kickstarter campaign. They have done such a great job on the materials and construction.

  15. Rosamaria Rodriguez says

    Most of these are fanny packs

  16. Lesauveur says

    Thank you from French Riviera.

  17. anthony romain says

    I just got mine today after ordering it 4 months ago. No instructions so I was looking for the know how to set the lock. Also where to get teh battery pack?

  18. ok 01 says

    You missed the pacsafe vide

  19. The Festival of Atonement says

    I wish more slings would add theft resistant zippers/pockets, since it's worn on your back. Something similar to pacsafe, maybe?
    Edit: Didn't know pacsafe would make the list…

  20. Nikki says

    LOL this is new to me, Ive never seen anyone carry a sling bag in Canada so idk where theyre exactly popular. I came across this type of bag bc its featured in Animal crossing New horizons that came out in the last fee month! LOL and i said to myself ' I love the look of this! where the hell do i buy this type of bag??so i went online to my favourite Canadian retailer and i found one! its rhe only one of its kind on the site so i bought it! (made by hershel) & was so worried it would be too small but its not, its a very decent size!. Its the kind that is sideways tho, and loooks like a mini backpack

  21. friður says

    Will the chrome fit an iPad Pro 11?

  22. lilian calderon says

    Thank you . I bought the Aer sling . I can’t wait to see it .

  23. Thorn Mollenhoff says

    It would be interesting to see a review on the Pacsafe Vibe 150 Anti-Theft Cross Body Pack and whether the security features are convenient to use or a hassle

  24. Jad Ali says

    Hi Pack Hacker, would like to ask you if you could recommend a EDC sling Bag, that can fit a 11” iPad Pro but at the same time still gives you that minimalist feeling. As I only bring my keys, wallet, a pen, perfume, and sanitizer with me. I read about your review on Alpaka Alpha Sling Bag and we had the same thoughts, its too big for me. So if you could suggest anything else it would be a great help! Thanks! PS. I always need to bring my tablet with me as Im studying medicine and need to read alot almost everyday. So my free time is alotted to that.

  25. Elias R. says

    Sending love from Germany, stay safe out there! <3

  26. DrgnMage2536 says

    Some of these "sling bags" look like they are actually fanny packs. The only secure sling bag is the PacSafe one, but I then again, I am partial to PacSafe bags.

  27. Elijah Stroud says

    I'm disappointed to not see the kanken sling

  28. Christina Mendrinos says

    Would not ever wear a sling bag on my back. It screams, “Rob me!”

  29. pebble888 says

    Thank you for another great review. Where would you put the Fjallraven Ulvo Medium Pack in this?

  30. J K says

    I was surprised to not see the Waterfield Sutter Tech Sling. I've been wanting one of those for a while.

  31. MAX AJ says

    I got 3 recently that I didn’t use yet .. Patagonia waist bag 5l .. north face shoulder bag .. and Fjallraven kanken sling

  32. oheyy says

    anyone know the name of those sunglasses at 4:45 ?

  33. Jord Plays says

    I use the trakke banana sling daily and it's great! Minimalist, robust and aesthetically pleasing. highly recommend it.

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