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10 Old Gaming Hacks That Are NOW EXTINCT


Some fun classic video game hardware/software tricks just don’t work anymore. Here’s a fun trip down memory lane.
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  1. Mr. Doggo says

    @Gameranx who edits the videos

  2. Sato says

    Some people know in what flash games tab is used even today…..rejoice brothers and sisters

  3. Limited Infinity says

    Older games : You had to make Glitches yourself
    Newer Games : You have to fix The Glitches yourself

  4. James Grice says

    Sega Channel.
    Especially after the "software update," where they, like, tripled their game count. I believe at the cost of new games. It was 3 weeks before they'd refresh. And they were full games, too. Not your normal red n' blue pizza hut discs.(my personal intro to "silent hill."
    It's only a hack to us, but damn? Wasn't that thing rad as a mug?

  5. Gett Ink says

    The hack I used was cry whenever I was losing in fifa so they’ll let me win

  6. Cubinator73 says

    Is that background music from Deus Ex?

  7. Gnarly Whiskey says

    Who remembers printing off cheats for grand theft auto

  8. Jonathan Decker says

    My favorite hack was super jumping halo 2 style.

  9. Bob Jenkins says

    Calling the Nintendo Power Hotline, then getting yelled at for the charges later by my mom, lol

  10. FpsGraf says

    what i used to do when i went to arcades as a kid was to search every machine for change that were in the coin returning door to end up having more money that i had in the first place

  11. EliGizmondo says

    I had a game cheat cartridge that you had to plug into the back of the original PlayStation. That thing was great.

  12. Skarenox says

    My Super Metroid cartridge was having issues saving the game so I replaced the factory battery, and after beating the first Chozo Statue, leaving that room would transition into post Mother Brain escape scene. Beat the game under 10 mins lol

  13. Skarenox says

    I put an SNES game (without a case) in an N64 console and fried it. Funny thing is, the N64 wasn't even mine lmao.

  14. g4rr377 says

    I used to love when the new gaming mags would come out and you would go straight to the back looking for new cool cheats

  15. josh vega says

    Wall hacks were / screen watching
    DDOs / unplugging somebody controller

  16. Red-Faced-Wolf says

    Using game shark CD's on ps2 and the good ol' gaming books from the drug store

  17. BluBoiART says

    Ooooooo Game shark east so awesome…good lord I might be old because I knkw exactly what the majority of this stuff is lol.

  18. L-cpone Wins says

    Lag switch lol

  19. the KyzarK says

    Pin many old arcade and pinball games there is an easy to access on/off switch, if you are losing on your last credit you can switch it off and back then back on again to reset your credits and continue where you had left off. This got me kicked out of and banged from many arcades when I was young. Good ol' days of the 80's and 90's…

  20. Ketan Jain says

    5:50 Facetitious, what? facetious, fastidious?

  21. Phillip Skimerhorn says

    When I was a kid, my older brother would usually be on the consoles so I gravitated toward the family computer for gaming. I remember well those days of looking through the config files, figuring out what the different commands did, and making my own boot disk. All that tinkering and figuring out MS-DOS actually lead me down my eventual career path of working in IT. Thanks DOS gaming (you pain in the ass)!

  22. Travis Dawson says

    starting up the N64 with the analog stick already pushed to one side…it would calibrate that as centered, so when you released it, it would think you were holding it to the side.

    not particularly useful for most games, but it made my guy in Quest64 run in circles overnight, to max out my speed stat or whatever the hell it was in that game

  23. Tx GunMaster says

    I miss buying cheat code books at Blockbuster.

  24. Donald Minogue says

    Overloading and clipping into secret rooms on split screen with friends. Finding those dev rooms or objects they would leave in map after they finished making the game.

  25. iitz Manny says

    I remember using a gameshark ?

  26. AkiRa22084 says

    6:11 Motaro a Satyr?!?

  27. Scott Woods says

    I own two turbo PS4 controllers right now lol

    Also they made gamesharks, code breakers, and action replays for disc consoles.

  28. Matt johnston says

    Taking a game out of the ps2 and it still plays now it just closes the game.

  29. PaCMaNBiN214 says

    As a kid, we used to make a hole on quarter and place fishing wire through it like a yo yo. Then, we would put the quarter into the arcade and yank the string to get the quarter back. Fun times with Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat! 🙂

  30. Ryan Salyer says

    I remember taking apart my 360 to Hotswap a copy of COD WAW so I could host modded zombie lobbies.

  31. Jenko Squared says

    Oh my lord, one of my first games was "Cosmo" or whatever on our 1991 Tandy. We had to boot everything through the DOS, even the CD tray! And if you were playing a music cd in the computer you could do NOTHING ELSE until you got out of that screen lmao. Good riddance to fiddling with the DOS.

  32. Adnan ali Al-nassri says

    DNS hack on the PS3 to get billions of $$ in GTA online. Those were the days.

  33. Francisco Bastos says

    I miss that old duke nukem 2d

  34. Bence Kóta says

    Man I remember buying gaming magazines for ps1 so I can get through a segment of Wagrant Story(i think that was the name of the game) and Tomb Raider 3 aswell! Nostalgia

  35. Hunor Szentpéteri says

    Sometimes I accidentally looked the other half of the screen. My friend/brother never known where the shot came from.

  36. Ian Visser says

    Anyone remember starting up a PC game, then pulling out the disk and booting the game on another pc, so you can Lan without 2 copies of the game?

  37. Ian Visser says

    Sorry, whats a page? Is it like a website or something?

  38. Note2ybk says

    Uh…pinball tables…and tilting…still a thing.

  39. saeedo sado says

    Using Google chrome..that's it

  40. rpgfan007 says

    Wait i still have my gameshark

  41. M Till says

    I always used the hack where when you couldn't beat the level you take the game and smash it and cry, then angrily eat a snack.

  42. Drex Binobo says

    This video makes me feel old.

  43. Brandon Cross says

    @gameranx 10:18 tape down buttons for old lego starwars missions where you could jump on buttons for a small amount of extra coins come back the next day and you have enough coins to get all the unlockables in the main HUB….if you can remember witch Lego star wars game that is.

  44. Jakub Jakubec says

    the voice sounds like someone who is tipsy, not quite drunk but seriously tipsy. once you hear it you can not stop thinking about it.

  45. Sam Doe says

    Metal gear solid was cool… interrogation was fun I would mash so fast ocelot would think I was cheating

  46. Immanuel Van Meirhaeghe says

    7:23 Oh, true, that was indeed… quite a sight at the arcades in the 1980s 😀

  47. 神影Kamikage says

    I had a few magazines with hints, tips and cheats.

  48. Ramon Martinez says

    Wow… number 5 really made me feel old. I legit remember being 10 years old and flipping through those

  49. Mr potato says

    there was a kid that flip u the pad/buttons and flick the sensor to start the game

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