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  1. AKSHAY KUMAR says
  2. Enes Baylan says

    Hami mandrali

  3. William Omoke says

    Wow just wow.

  4. Lone Aakhi says

    Who came here to see the comments


  5. Lone Aakhi says

    Who came here to see the comments


  6. Amandeep Mann says

    I knew it was click bait because the net was broken which means it was a goal so why does it say 0-0 then?

  7. Joshua Zeigler says

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I was just clickbated
    And so were you.

  8. Luis On Claw says

    the wr is 211 kmh by ronny
    the llukas podolski and the ones after it have inaccurate speeds shown
    the robben goal is nowhere near the speed of the steven reid goal
    steven reid has more motion blur so that means it is faster

  9. Fadhil Ms says

    You forgot the ultimate roaring flames strike of Myth???
    From ggo football ??

  10. ตั้ม นะ says

    This chanel copy your video, please report


  11. The Runaway Kid says

    2:36 hulk goal smash!

  12. Fayas Bava says

    Ronaldo ???

  13. Fayas Bava says

    20million views ??

  14. Salim Ali says


  15. Hiển Tất Vương says

    i have waited for the broken goal

  16. fire ministry says

    we won't not have another meal again because of this web-site here, b e s t h o m e j o b s .c l u b

  17. Mr. Videogames says

    Good video but thumbs down because you have no radar to prove it. And the goals were never measured by speed radar. Get out of my cuntry

  18. Kalei Anton says


  19. Aarav word cup Rizal says


  20. Jazz Spiry says

    Any one tried the Episoketren System (just google it)? We have heard several awesome things about this popular training program.

  21. Sairam Aadhithya says

    Imagine the ball hit the gk face

  22. Goofy YT says

    Thumbnails says its live

  23. Reset Null says

    F you for that clickbait!!! …but Ibra is good tho. Zlaaaaatan!!! ??

  24. Nathan Mahmud says


  25. Archie Lancaster says

    Roses are red and violets are blue you lied to me u ponochio Loookin poo

  26. Naveen krishna says

    fake thumbnail

  27. UmR15 GmrZz says

    Fake broken goal picture

  28. Muhammad jawad says

    not a good goal

  29. BigByte Gaming says

    Yeah everyone remembers when an Arsenal player broke the goal

  30. Advay Gujar says

    That thumbnail though ???

  31. Zrex says

    Where is Faiz Subri ????

  32. Claudio Priess says

    The broken goal was clickbite

  33. Atharva Singh says

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The thumbnail is fake
    You got played too

  34. Joey Endrizzi says

    Someone needs to sub in Scott sterling…

  35. C. B. says
  36. Arin Purohit says

    Vaah Kya bewakuf banaya he , ye sab to normal goal the

  37. Just Saiyan says

    No Adriano? What about Ronaldo's new long range goal? Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it was faster/more powerful than Zlatan's

  38. sanjay bhargav says

    Then ran to the ball and delivered speed Ronaldo sir juss stood and delivered G.O.A.T

  39. Петро Міщенко says

    FC Metalist(Kharkiv) vs Beshiktash (4 : 1)- Zhazha Koelio goal the best in target Beshiktash.

  40. Yash Tyagi says

    Congratulations !!!!!

    You've been Clickbaited ??

  41. Adam Smith says
  42. RaZeEn AsHiQuE says

    Who is watching in quarintine

  43. Young Jin No says

    Tá tudo furado e mentira….

  44. VedixonGaming _ says

    Zlatan Ibrahimović has same languange as me im from bosnia he is from Serbia i think

  45. Salome Orwa says

    He broke a world record breaking a goal post

  46. Vivek Sharma says


  47. Udhay Sajeev says

    RIP thumbnail?

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