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10 Minimalist Packing Tips For Cold Weather Travel | How To Pack Light & Keep Warm (Fall & Winter)


Our top minimalist packing tips on how to pack light & stay warm! We’re partnering with Backcountry to encourage you to get outside and find your backcountry, wherever that may be. Use code PACKHACKER15 for 15% off your first purchase. Exclusions apply.

Fall and winter are coming fast—and you don’t want to be left out in the cold. Most folks on the Pack Hacker team have traveled long-term in a bunch of different climates, and we want to make sure you’re prepared for any destination. So we’ve put together our top ten packing tips for minimalist travel in cold weather.

0:00 – Intro
1:13 – Travel With A Backpack
2:41 – Layer Up
4:50 – Invest In A Rain Jacket
7:19 – Always Accessorize
8:12 – Pick A Theme
9:02 – Stay Dry
10:56 – Compress Everything
11:40 – Think Small
13:23 – Watch Your Weight
15:03 – Stay Prepared

Osprey Farpoint 40L:
Osprey Fairview 40L:
Topo Designs Travel Bag 40L:
Thule Subterra 34L:
Cotopaxi Allpa:
Eagle Creek Packable 13L Daypack:

Smartwool Merino 150 Long-Sleeve Baselayer:
Patagonia R1 Full-Zip Hoody:
Patagonia Micro Puff:
Arc’teryx Zeta SL Rain Jacket:
Arc’teryx Beta SL Rain Jacket:
Patagonia Storm Racer:
Arcade Midnighter Belt:
Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket:
Cotopaxi Teca Windbreaker:
Darn Tough Merino Wool No-Show Socks:
Darn Tough Solid Basic Crew Light:
Lems Boulder Boot:

Buff USA Merino Wool Buff:
Outdoor Research Fairbanks Fingerless Gloves:
Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Water Bottle:
Hyperlite Mountain Gear Minimalist Wallet:
Sea To Summit Delta Insulated Mug:
Platypus SoftBottle .5L with Push-Pull Cap:

Organizers & Pouches
Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack:
Osprey Packs Ultralight Backpack Liners:
Hyperlite Mountain Gear Stuff Sack Pillow:
Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Packing Cubes:

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The Ultimate Digital Nomad Packing List:
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  1. Pack Hacker says

    We partnered with the folks over at Backcountry where you can find all of the gear mentioned in this video. Use code PACKHACKER15 to get 15% off your first order (exclusions apply): http://bit.ly/2lMGZGj

  2. Kenshin Sekai says

    I keep my bag light even in daily situations. A lot of your tips I adapted in carrying like in this video. Like a compact bag I buy from dollar store, fold it like a pillow or socks (from down to top) and I got a men's lazy tote bag. And using pvc rain jackets to not only staying dry but chosing a theme when traveling. Also lashing a elastic cord through my backpack molle web to dry off any equipment. Speaking of staying dry, drum liners or trash bag is recommended. I also pack a headphone and a bluetooth reciever to use headset on the go. For a functional item I would recommend scrim net or sniper veil – a functional mesh cloth that can be used as scarf and a beach towel. Also lastly, have a facemask when you travel. Whether it is dispoable or reusable ones, the flight humidity is really dry. So wearing a mask is recommended. Safe travels guys!

  3. Aidan Waldron says

    would a north face recon be good for traveling?

  4. Lana. says

    Why is there no pop of coloooour in your items? This is just a personal preference, but I love to find some happy colours in my gear 'coz it makes me feel happy ?

  5. Julie Manning says

    Having a backpack that isn't just black is super helpful!! Sometimes you inevitably have to check your bag at the gate because the overhead bins have filled. If it gets lost and you're describing the bag you're looking for as a "black backpack" it's really difficult and frustrating for the people sorting through the luggage to try to find it.

  6. Gee Speller says

    What backpack are you using in the video

  7. tnetroP says

    2020: Worlwide COVID lockdown
    YouTube keeps recommending travel blogs to me

    Thanks 🙁

  8. Rebecca Zeigler says

    Because I’m 100% sure my AP Statistics teacher meant for me to watch endless packing videos instead of the three packets he handed out last week for us to do this weekend.

  9. Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast says

    Again lacking compression, get a compression sack, get it down to 28L carry on on any plane.

  10. Nathalie says

    Finally some packing trips that make sense!! 🙂 Although I prefer to use a trolley because i have back problems, I pretty much pack the same. A few differences though : I believe that when the weather is so that you need a winter hat, you need your neck warm at the same time, so I would either take 2 Buff snoods, or one Buff winter hat (they make them in Merino wool as well) and a snood. I also carry a silk scarf because it is super lightweight and versatile : it is great to have around your neck in most weather because when you travel you face changing temperatures during the day. And when the weather is super cold it is a great layer under the snood to had some warmth. Side note: i don't understand why you carry woolen mittens, makes no sense to me? neither useful nor lightweight so I am really wondering. Silk or thermal ultra lightweight gloves work wonders!

  11. Haidy Fahim says

    What is the name of the first badmg you were closing with the mash bockets ??

  12. Hamza From Bahrain says

    I have 2 questions if you don't mind..

    1- when am traveling my face always looks tiered and I look like shit 😀 , especially cold countries I don't have this problem when am not traveling, am from a hot country, so what is the problem? Any tips?

    2- when am traveling am always worried about my money and passport so where should I put or hide my money and passport?


  13. Hamza From Bahrain says

    Wow, amazing video and tips ?

  14. Brian says

    I’m interested in getting the nano puff and a rain shell. Do you ever wear both at the same time?

  15. Tony Perez-Carpenter says

    Amazing how you keep up with the top notch content!

  16. keith banks says

    If I've missed this, I apologise.
    I'm surprised you have not mentioned Rain Covers as a simple cheap way to keep a pack waterproof.
    They pack away very compact.

  17. Corison20 says

    sliding in dms be like 0:30 ?

  18. Tony Ho says

    I'm so glad I found this channel

  19. PS3SC90 says

    wow, can I join you guys on y'all amazing organizing tactics and travel adventures? great tips!

  20. Judith Pearson says

    Excellent video. Thank you l

  21. Saeed Ahmed says

    Have you gone to Wales?

  22. Allen Stauffer says

    Super helpful video, lots of great thoughts and info here, thanks!

    Do you happen to have any tips regarding packing/managing bulky footwear? My wife and I are heading to Canada in Feb to check out winter hiking in the Canadian Rockies 🙂 and we’re pretty set as far as layers go, but not sure what to do as far as footwear. I’m guessing something like the Lems boots shown in the video wouldn’t quite up to the task, but maybe I’m wrong?

  23. Balbina Armstrong says

    The fact that everything is unisex makes me happy

  24. Keshav Fulbrook says

    so pack $1,000 worth of clothes?

  25. Teal Seal says

    What about your pants?? ?

  26. Twumasi Eva says

    i really love the first back park i mean the red one how can i get one am in saudi arabia

  27. zeus01504 says

    Patagonia much!?

  28. chouaib hat says

    Best minimalist set up is the "way under equipped" set up

  29. Not Your Business says

    You should also mention that usually you can't carry more than 8 kg as cabin luggage. That's why you should buy a light duffelpack, like Arc'teryx Carrier Duffel, because it's just 500 g. 8 kg doesn't include the laptop. Also remember you should travel with a 13 or 14 max laptop, otherwise you wouldn't be able to use it on the airplane.

  30. C T says

    Love my woman's Fairview! Travelled with it for 6 wks in Europe and it never let me down. I also loved all my Patagonia layers, I just wish I knew it packed into it's pocket before my trip ? Other than that, I lived on compressible everything.

  31. SuperheroAutismGirl says

    Such great advice! I'll be heading to Europe/UK soon and will be there for Christmas. Thanks for the great tips! I just know my buff neck warmer will get a great workout this trip. 🙂


    Merino wool baselayer for under pants a must. In subzero temps in Canada/Arctic/Northern Europe a parka with furry hood for snow with driving wind a must. Don't skimp on this unless you want to stay indoors all the time. Can't pack the thing, have to wear it but WORTH it. Wear boots as only outdoor footwear but look for ones that are breathable, I find shearling boots work best with merino socks keep feet from overheating.

  33. LesPaul7677 says

    There are some good advices here, although I have to say that it should be kept in mind that most people don't want to spend extra money on buying new stuff, but rather use something they already own. Also, why would anyone waste money on buying something they couls bring with themselves? Just a suggestion to keep in mind that. Cheers! ?

  34. thegab says

    Why not use the METRIC (better SI) system? Outside of the US most people are not familiar with ounzes, inches and stuff. Even if you prefer to stay with IMPERIAL, why not just add the (kilo)grams? It is a video so whatever information you get in there it won't add additional costs!

    Be sure to check out SI-System:

  35. Michael Meyer says

    I suggest dry fit material underwear and hiking pants for the list. If the weather becomes warm then then you can unzip your legs and the pants become shorts. If you need to go swimming then your can wear your shorts and your dry fit boxer briefs to swim. The hiking pants belt is plastic so no need to take off your belt going through airport security. If you plan to walk into a church, temple, or shrine you can zip on your pant legs. Dry fit boxer briefs and T-shirts can easily be washed in sink with soap if you are on the go.

  36. Don Dutra says

    A lot of great info, but I have to tell you that for me, the space that toothbrush and razor handles take is space I'm willing to sacrifice. I prefer the handles!

  37. Lotus W says

    What about duck boots? Are they light enough?

  38. Onion Head says

    I like your content. subscribed ?

  39. Mark-Leon Thorne says

    The Black Wolf Royale is a backpack as well as a wheeled suitcase that doesn't comply with unnecessary squared corners. It is the most versatile for every situation. Straps are hidden until you need them.

  40. Wahjoe Gunawan says

    how about gadget to bring ? small laptop or ipad ? for writing ? or just the planners ?

  41. Wahjoe Gunawan says

    do you have any recommendation for waterproof shoes ?

  42. LFCzeppelin8 says

    What are those backpacks on the bottom row behind you?

  43. Antimon says

    The money one would need to spend to buy all this gear would let you fly around the world at least once. Some cheaper midrange would have been nice.

  44. xingmen neigong says

    my kit includes full camping/survival kit, kitchen, gym training gear/weapons, laptop/electronics, toiletries bag & 4 season weather clothing. Total weight 25kg (field kit 10kg in a 55L pack + 15kg in a 110L hard suitcase) I eat extremely healthy and cook all my own food which means I carry cacao, nuts, maca, reishi etc with me when I travel. I also train most days and carry mygym/weapons with me. I also DO NOT wear plastic clothes as they destroy your aura and energy field.

  45. Carolyn Leslie says

    The Sea to Summit sil-dry bags used in the submersion test are actually only water resistant.

  46. C C says

    Bro I dig your channel, but this was one giant plug…

  47. Josh R says

    Friendly advice. Your intro/advertisement took 2:42 seconds. That's a bit excessive to get to the point. Might want to shorten it up in the future.

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