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I get asked all the time HOW to start living a healthier lifestyle and what I did on a day to day basis to achieve my fitness goals. I thought this would be helpful for any of you on a similar journey to me, or if you just wanted some suggestions of things I enjoy doing! I hope you like, let me know what you think below! 🙂 xxx


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Thank you so, so much for watching everyone, I really really appreciate it.. You da best. Emma. xx

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  1. Body Evolution Studios says

    What can you replace the sugar in your tea with? Honey?

  2. Erin Parry-Bennee says

    This is a great video. I’ve been trying to form better habits throughout the lockdown and I’ve already implemented a lot of the things you talked about, however over the past few days I’ve been struggling with my mental health and have been slipping back into bad habits. I’ve really noticed how much happier I am when I complete all my habits, so I know I really need to get back on track. This video is so positive and motivating, and I just wanted to say thank you!

  3. Shelby Nieradka says

    Thank you. This helped me.

  4. chante richardson says

    What about monk fruit sugar?

  5. Sanne Axolotl says

    Very important to first air the bed before making it

  6. Theodora Hopkins says


    එය පෙනෙන ආකාරයට ක්‍රියා විරහිත විය

  7. 09mkmkmk says

    could we please get what you are wearing on your lids… it is mesmerizing!!

  8. Tabby Girl says

    this was great! I loved the last healthy tip about change. I've always loved change but recently I was so scared to make a big decision of moving from one state to another cuz i had just failed at a big decision which made me go a week being broke. but all things work together for our good guys i moved down to Chicago and I'm the happiest I've ever been and I make like $900 a week doing the bare minimum ? ✨ take that risk guys! after all we're young and have only one life to live. now in hindsight I realized if I didn't take the decision I took which led to failure, I wouldn't have had the urge to move to Chicago! anyways just some inspo for anyone who's self-doubting❤❤❤

  9. Girls Who Grub says

    Omg I just discovered Natasha Oceane and I've been loving her videos. This video was great- I really relate to the mental clutter you talk about so I've been trying to incorporate better habits as well. Cheers!

  10. Lady Von Wake says

    You are my idol.

  11. cristell balogh says

    Emma….super sweet of you to share your successful tips…i love how you use journals to map out "the stuff" loved the meal prep shares…..wonderful video…keep them coming…

  12. Jennifer Johnston says

    Do you have the recipe for the granola you made? Looks amazing!!

  13. LauraJane Young says

    Great video! Ill try start not put sugar in teas/coffees see if anything change

  14. Enid Wasfi says

    Hi. You should try Agendo. You can customise a Planner & design each aspect like monthly, weekly, meal planning, etc. YouTube has done vids about it ?

  15. Kisha Boyd says

    Hi Emma, loving your videos. Please can you share your granola recipe a I’d really like to try it. Thank you ?❤️

  16. Kenn Shae says

    Girl what is on your eyelids ?! So pretty ??

  17. Brianna Cummings says

    Yes yes yes. I only drink black coffee without anything in it, and I try to stop drinking caffeine around 12-3 pm. It was something I never thought I could do but once I started, coffee with cream just doesn't appeal to me anymore.

  18. Marina Crocker says

    i love how your tips were so unique

  19. Katie Gee says

    What is the recipe for what you were making at around 9 minutes? 🙂

  20. Sarah Wood says

    I loved this video so so much. I can’t wait to watch more of your videos!! Thank you 🙂

  21. Loulaa says

    How long do you do yoga for? I don't know if she said x

  22. Becky Brock says

    Each day I try and create something, like drawing something, working on my crocheting, make something from a new recipe I've found. It makes me do something I enjoy and make time for me

  23. kaitlyn leroy says

    Love the tips, I have the same daily planing pad it’s really helped me keep myself organized. I’m just curious are you a Virgo?

  24. Next Generation says

    Yea I drink my tea with lemon

  25. Amy Louise says

    Yasssss girl! Freddie Mercury t-shirt ❤️

  26. Rachel Neale says

    Hey hey, we have such the same positive habits hands down , gym clothes in the morning I honestly feel like super woman hands down I love my journey it's a lifestyle ?????

  27. tara kalita says

    Everything you said is on point, I hope more people see this❤️

  28. Megha Bansal says

    I too follow adriane everyday!!?

  29. Catherine Parry says

    I couldn’t even fall asleep at night if my kitchen was like that haha I have OCD for sure?

  30. bhargavi teki says

    Where did you get your bed from??? I love it ♥️♥️

  31. Reilly Moore says

    YOU are my idol. I related to you in this video in so many different ways, and you have given me hope that I can lead a better lifestyle. Thank you.

  32. Hawa A says

    I love Natacha Oceane so much! It made me so happy to hear you mention her.

  33. Linnéa Enberg says

    Thank you! <3 These were some really realistic, kind and encouraging changes! Love how you kept it all so positive!

  34. Sarah Murphy says

    I love that our brains work similarly. Even though your daily life would not fit in with the kind of schedule I have, I still feel like I can incorporate these tips in different ways because our brains work very similar.

  35. Jillian M says

    I'm trying to pay attention but my eyes keep going to the rings on her hands??

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