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10 Foods To Boost Your Immune System & Stay Healthy This Fall/Winter


I went back to the grocery store to show you 10 foods that will keep you healthy and strong this fall and winter season! It’s all about eating foods that will boost your immune system and foster your gut bacteria. 80% of your immune systems cells are located in the guy, it’s in your best interest to help them flourish. Spoiler alert, sugar destroys gut bacteria, in addition to my other negative side effects that we know about. Bone broth is a must this cold and flu season, but make your own, it;s so easy and way cheaper. Think about eating foods that are fermented and loaded with live and active cultures, and probiotic bacteria that your gut needs. Mad love Bobby…Dessi…and Art! XOXO

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Four videos every week! Two from the grocery store on the weekends and two cooking videos, including a live stream, during the week!

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  1. Rick Cole says

    I would really like to see you grocery bill if I bought half the stuff that you wanted me to buy Ivory broke I look even punier than you you want to make yourself healthy it's an apple cider vinegar with the mother and you'll see a whole change in your body you probably won't get this cuz it's an old video

  2. Kaitlyn Bur says

    My observation every time I go into whole foods and watch these videos. Everyone around you looks so miserable, like they all got the worst news then went grocery shopping. ?

  3. FREDDY J says

    People who give his vids thumbs down make spaghetti made out of vienna sausage and ramon noodles

  4. UncleHemi says

    LOL! i click in to learn about immune boosting foods, from a YouTuber I have much respect for, and BAM…first ad up – McDonald's breakfast sandwiches.
    Bu-du-bu-bu-ah! (Lyrics – "Do not eat this food!)

  5. dilowara begum says

    very good

  6. Rick Holt says

    How do i get the bones

  7. rema padmanabhan says

    Please make a video on what all foods to avoid and what all foods to take for healthy liver!

  8. Bianca Meza says

    Which type of bone broth is best? I see a bunch of different kinds…

  9. Furki Fu says

    I live in Turkey and we don't have any of the products you show in all your videos but I watch you anyways <3

  10. Arch Miguel says

    Nice Channel very informative

  11. Nathan Bailey says

    Sugar doesn’t kill probiotics lol. If anything it feeds the probiotics. Additionally, even dead bacteria has proven to be beneficial. I still buy plain yogurt though because I like the taste more.

  12. meacomefeyou says

    USA has the good stuff. Canada has nothing good and its a rip off

  13. Danish khan says

    Hello, your food for boosting the immunity vlog is so informative. Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge and research. I appreciate your effort.

    I have also found this boost immunity video which is very informative .please check out.


  14. Quaadirrah Sowell says

    did anyone else notice how he said do not use kosher salt because it is highly refined… highly processed etc etc (5:59) ??? then turns around and says he uses it ………and in a different video he tells us to choose kosher salt . i like this guy but he's starting to lose credibility the more and more i watch his videos…. I've noticed a lot of contradiction

  15. TM A says

    It’s nice to see the grocery shelves full of product, ah memories.

  16. TM A says

    You should check out the video, “It’s Getting Real in the Whole Food Parking Lot”

  17. EVOLVE FREELY says

    Looking fir the fermented goods. Thanks!

  18. abdullah lemar says

    No oil can substitute olive oil

  19. tanhome7 says

    True story, we need more options up here in Canada ?? I find it strange because healthy living and eating is not a foreign concept to this country but in terms of in store selection it sucks, especially if you’re not in a big city. Online ordering is the way to go if you can find websites that ship to Canada and don’t charge you a $20 for shipping.
    REALLY enjoy your videos and glad I found this channel!! I’ve been educating myself slowly over the last few years and I feel like I just gained more knowledge in a few days of binge watching your videos than the last 2 years, so thank you ?? I wish more doctors would be more knowledgeable about these topics.
    Thanks again and keep up the OUTSTANDING work!!! ?? Much appreciated and valuable info for everyone and anyone ♥️

  20. Will Murray says

    What an enormous steaming load of BULLSHIT! Follow whatever this nut job has to say as to what to eat and what to not eat, and you will feel better right away due to the placebo and nocebo effects.

  21. Bianca Cardoso says

    I learned 3 natural steps ? that greatly strengthen immunity with super foods. I liked it a lot. ???
    Look here=>blogdaanne.com/power-immunity

  22. panchoskywalker says

    Should I eat foot to boost my immune system if I have an autoimmune disease?

  23. Nellie Javillonar says

    First time watching ur nutrition vlog.

  24. Areli Candelaria says

    These videos are awesome!
    Thank you so much ?

  25. yolanda brooks says

    Question I love Whole Foods but I cannot get him to shop here too often he thinks it’s too expensive Aldis can be tricky please help especially during this pandemic I am diabetic

  26. Seema Majid says

    I am a vegetarian, what is the substitute for bone broth, thank you in advance.

  27. kristin A says


  28. Loretta Gravelle says

    Although I really enjoy your videos PLEASE STOP OPENING FRIDGE DOORS AND STANDING THERE! It makes me crazy! Keep the door closed. Reach in quickly and close it. Thanks ?

  29. PS says

    Whole food has real food. It might be a little expensive but worth it.

  30. Barbara Desmond says

    My aunt, age 54, who had earlier announced to us that she tested positive, with mild symptoms and in self isolation at home, just called to inform us that she had become negative of the coronavirus.

    She disclosed what she did while in isolation in order to become negative after earlier testing positive. She said she put in more effort to boost her immunity in isolation by regularly exercising on a treadmill. In boosting her immunity, she said she consumed Vitamin C, Carrots and blackseed oil mixed with herbal extract prepared with honey. She also disclosed to us that her friend, a Pharmacognosist at "Dr. Kpomossa Herbal and Research Center" informed her via his Facebook page, he said "look, I am going to send to you this herbal formula to be taken with blackseed oil mixed with pure honey, it boosts immunity". She said she did as he directed, and few days later, she tested negative.

    We are all very excited and happy for her. She said there might be very potent local solutions to boost overall immunity against COVID-19, but it depends on the willingness and courage of not narrowing down the treatment options open to us, and that alternative treatment regimen can also be a life safer if people are well informed about them.

    Stay Safe.

  31. Tawnee SeekYe1 says

    So I have a question! Does putting raw manuka honey or any good honey into my hot cup of tea kill the good stuff and make it essentially uneffective??? THANKS!!! LOVE THIS CHANNEL!!!!

  32. TiMalice2009 says

    Awww baby Rose!

  33. Cocochanel0121 says

    I am watching every single video that you filmed in grocery stores . You changed my life.

  34. attila t says

    Thank you bobby from Toronto!?

  35. AandORotts says

    Epic Beef Bone Broth!!!!

  36. Louis Torres says

    Can you do video on what’s the best rice.black.brown white?

  37. Brandy Matthews says

    Your channel is one of the main reasons I was confident enough to take the leap to keto. I used to eat take-out and pre-packaged, processed crap, but because of your cooking tutorials and such, I had step-by-step guidance and have learned to make lots of awesome stuff.
    Also, thanks for putting the bug in their ear that we Canadians need access to this stuff too! 🙂

  38. A. R. says

    Nah, I don't like Whole Foods….overpriced while pretending quality, to me it's just an expensive tag….no more.

  39. Katie • says

    If you ever come to Canada I would LOVE if you did this. We have Costco too! ☺️

  40. Joan Shealy says

    From what I researched even the good salts you mention are still processed and the minerals are very minimal

  41. John Anderson says

    Are you aware of Manuka Honey and its immune and healing properties?

  42. Aileen Johnson says

    These products aren’t in my neighborhood ???

  43. Mindy Lemarque says

    GREAT information! Thank you so much fo th the information! : )

  44. aquarius kiwi says

    What super market is this?

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