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10 Characteristics of a Mentally Healthy Person


Mental health is just as important as physical health. Have you ever wonder how to be mentally healthy? What does it mean to be mentally healthy? And how do we stay mentally healthy? So what habits do mentally healthy people tend to have? Here at Psych2Go, we present to you 10 characteristics of a mentally healthy person.

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Script Writer: Catherine Huang
Script Editor: Steven Wu
VO: Megan Edwards
Animator: Kayla Williams
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Psych2Go says

    What Netflix series are you watching at the moment to stay mentally sane? Comment below!

  2. Mayela Berak Ortega Martinez says

    Self compassion:3 sometimes I'm rude with myself in a way I wouldn't be with other people and I know that this behavior is not taking me anywhere. So I'm gonna change it, thank you for encourage me, God bless you, guys????

  3. Lynn Kreppert says

    Calling me out on the binge watching when it's 2am rn, is not nice. But yeah, I know I need to go to sleep earlier, especially since I'll have classes at 8:30am in just a few weeks, and in a different time zone.

  4. Lilima Sosal says

    looking at you phone at night it can increase you risk of getting cancer *me watching this at 3:54 am *????

  5. Ma jona may Daisog says

    You're so cuteeee????Psych2Go????

  6. jibber jabber says

    Can you remake this with the soft girl's voice please? What's her name?

  7. Meet the Artist says

    Did anyone else notice the psychological pattern in the videos? This one had different, and other ones I have watched also having a different style of creation as a whole.

  8. tchatchatcha1 says

    I prefer this voice to the other girl. Let her do the next videos as well please! ???? And very funny video ???? thanks

  9. Madalina Ianus says


  10. GreenDayfreak717 says

    Have a consistent sleep schedule they say… never have they worked a job with constant shift changes…. yeah….. that's not feasible. 7AM opening shift right after closing at 11PM

  11. Jahnavi Bhargava says

    Psych2go: cough*cough psych2go cough*cough

  12. 414MrMilwaukee says

    If you reading this….


  13. MeganBØØFIE 2005 2 says

    Night mode”

  14. MeganBØØFIE 2005 2 says

    I walk my dog in winter
    Aye water is the reason I feel good

  15. Ellen Lovellette says

    I am so full of happiness that I think that I might end up as spontaneous combustion.

  16. William Stark says

    I just combine entertainment and exercise by making my computer seat a pedal bike….. If only my leg and wrist wasn't hurt right now.

  17. DyingInformant says

    Helpful video….I like this channel alot….I not only learn things or am made aware of things I forget, but I'm engaged by the animations….I love the animated style in this particular video, and I like how no 2 videos seem to use the same artist lol…Never know what I'm gunna see next! ❤️

  18. Curtistine Miller says

    This video should be called Rules to live by ……

  19. Linda De Sévrèn Jacquet says


  20. Tricia Sommers says

    LOVE Psych 2go❤️

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