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10 Best Places to Visit in Turkey – Travel Video


Check out all the places seen in this video:

With cities steeped in history, amazing beaches, and a beautiful countryside, a visit to Turkey promises an enchanted vacation. Diverse offerings such as the ancient ruins of Ephesus to the luxury beach resorts along the Aegean Sea will enthrall and captivate even the most jaded traveler. Istanbul, once the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, features prominently in most travel plans but there are many more great destinations. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Turkey.

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  1. khaniii pari says

    Turkey is a beautiful country I love Turkey ?❤️? and my dream is that I visit Turkey Inshallah

  2. Soniya Sultana says

    Wanna visit Turkey ? such a beautiful country.. I love Turkey from Bangladesh ??

  3. Soniya Sultana says

    Wanna visit Turkey ? such a beautiful country..
    I love Turkey from Bangladesh ??

  4. Gregoris Yiangou says

    Very nice but nothing was built by turks . Is Greek and Roman..

  5. chloe murphy says

    Where is the waterfall at the start of the video? Visiting turkey in September and would love to go to visit that

  6. Phu Le says

    I love turkey ❤❤❤. From Viet Nam with love

  7. Ranji Himali says

    Dream place♥️✨

  8. As kitchen says

    One of the best place

  9. Terong R. says

    Ertugrul brought me here. 🙂

  10. Erich Guenter says

    Stay away from Turkey they just showed what they think of the Christian world do not support a thieving country that stole the great hagia Sophia were Christian were killed in by them and now they want your money for seeing the stolen county by muslim

  11. Entertainment Channel says

    پندران کا تاریخ
    ایک غار جس میں کچھ کھوپڑیان
    ایک چارپائی کے حصے
    ایک سیر تفریح کا مقام
    ایک چشمہ کا پانی
    ایک پارک وغیرہ
    اور چینل کو سبسکرائب کریں ۔شکریہ

  12. mary mary says

    Canadian first nations( Inuit and Métis) peoples are Turkish peoples.

  13. ShadowZZZ says

    I hate turkey, its ugly and dumb.

    from someone who is turkish

  14. Hittmon says

    I love you Turkey! I must go one day 🙂 Greetings from Maryland USA ?? ??

  15. SWORD'IE GROUP OF CHRIST Warkhar says

    My dream in life, want to live in my favourite country.Turkey?❣️?

  16. Kyo Huynh HH says

    There are a lot of beautiful countries, I don’t know where I should travel. But I have no money haha

  17. Zeynep Tomruk says

    This video should have included a place from Blacksea region as well, preferably Trabzon, because Blacksea is very famous for its beautiful nature.

  18. SHADAB WORLD says

    One of my dream to visit turkey

  19. Pratima Gyawali says

    My dream country Turkey ??

  20. ahmet tutal says

    Hagia Sophia is a mosque now 🙂

  21. Pari G says

    Love from Pakistan ?

  22. bkbkcat says

    1:09 Nemrut Dagi Mountain

  23. Sabriye Ringtones says

    I'm Somali I very loved Turkey so beutiful. i hope come in Turkey

  24. Katharina says

    Wow… Turkey is a Greek Open air museum!!! Love it

  25. Rod Zam says

    Go to turkey, shit on it an feel better ?

  26. Begum Toolsee says

    I visit Turkey Istambul in March 2020. So Beautiful n Nice Food
    From Mauritius.

  27. Yasin Fadillah says

    Wow amazing Turkey ?

  28. BEN HUR says

    i love turkey because turkey helped and sent medical aid to 44 different countries at pandemia times..to whom medical aids
    bosnia hegzogoniva
    macedonia, montenegro, cosova
    iran and iraq

    source bbc news

  29. It’s Sky says

    I’m Turkish ?

  30. Nadeem Ahmed says

    I m Indian I like turkey….?

  31. ömer çalı says

    Thanks for good comments :)) ?☺️

  32. Kwin M. says

    Can’t wait to visit this beautiful country ?

  33. Everything & Anything says

    I love turkey . Love from sri lanka ??

  34. Khadijakhan Khadijakhan says

    One of my dreams to visit and travel I love turky food ???❣️?

  35. Syedzafar ali says

    Love turkey !

  36. Faiza Iftikhar says

    Turkey is Love.. ❤ may Allah always keep it safe gor evils. Love and prayers from Pakistan ??

  37. Abiha Rajput says

    My dream country is Turkey i love Turkey

  38. Arif demircioglu says

    2030 the top 10 best places to visit in Turkey

    1- Sakli kent
    2-Bursa mount uludag
    3- din marasi Alanya
    4- Sanli urfa
    5- firat
    6- black sea coast
    7- the road vergin maria walked in efesos
    8- the lake in van
    9- gobekli tepe
    10- the dead sea between fethiye and marmaris

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