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10 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland – Travel Video


14 Most Scenic Small Towns in Switzerland

10 Most Beautiful Castles in Switzerland

Switzerland is a small country that sits smack dab in the middle of the Alps, making for 360-degree scenery wherever a person finds themselves. Numerous lakes also add to the picture postcard look of this country, whose most famous citizen may have been the fictional Heidi. From banks to bucolic alpine meadows, Switzerland has it all. An overview of the best places to visit in Switzerland:

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  1. Raymund Caintoy says

    Someday ican visit all that lovely place in switzerland but its too far from here in philippines

  2. Stauffer Brut says

    There's no doubt, Lucerne is by far the most beautiful city in Switzerland. There's a ranking saying Lucerne is the loveliest cities under top 10 smal cities in the world.
    And please, 10:13 Chügelipastete …. please pronounce it correctly. It's a question of respect to a country.

  3. Rose Rosie says

    Switzerland is my dream country ??????

  4. Pinky Garg says

    Thanks to God thanks to kids who made it possible to visit Interlaken zurich.

  5. rudy schroyens says

    Switzerland is beautiful but so expensive

  6. Fredrik Cullen says

    switzerland be looking insane from an aussie

  7. LINS SANTOS says

    I'm from Africa ,Tanzania?? my dream is to visit this beautiful country Switzerland

  8. Marhun's Kabuang says

    Me as a child til now.

    Where do you wanna live aside from your own country?

    Me: Switzerland. ❤️

  9. mja music switzerland says

    Nice video ??????

  10. HALLY PAROT says

    Lucky to live almost half of my life in this magnificent country and set foot on all of the places mentioned ♥️Love Swiss big time!!!

  11. cris supleo says

    Beautiful country

  12. Gentian Cela says

    O zot sa mka marr malli per zvicren?❤????❤

  13. Leonida Libria says

    I love my second places Switzerland i was been here traveling around since 1985-2017 working also in St, Gallen

  14. Yonu Jho says

    They are blessed…what a beautiful country…. My family was planning to travel London and Switzerland but corona ruined it DAMN

  15. dharmmalati kaushal says

    one day I sure visit this Switzerland

  16. Bibi says

    Did you ever seen Rheinfall Schaffhausen?
    Rheinfall is the most beautiful water fall in Europe

  17. Lima Daniel says

    Going Switzerland soon

  18. Lima Daniel says

    Beautiful Switzerland. God bless

  19. ziptheflyingbeaver says

    i swear to god i will move there in the next 10 years

  20. Peter Abderhalden says

    ??= Drug Paradise??

  21. fgtboss boss says

    Omg is country and mountains from the chocolate commercials ?

  22. Hamid Mir Kash says

    Kashmir is more beautiful than Switzerland ❤️

  23. Aakansha Joshi says

    All the places are so much clean.

  24. Marc F. Nielssen says

    I respectfully disagree. 10 – Interlaken and 9 – Lausanne don't have more to offer than dozens of other, often more interesting towns. Why stay ina town if better places are just "nearby"? And who cares about the IOC's location? Also, Yverdon for example is way more interesting than 8 – Geneva, and much more accessible. 4 – Lugano? I'd go for Locarno – Ascona instead. They sure are way more popular with the Swiss tgemselves. 3 – Lake Geneva is okay, but Lake Lucerne is much more picturesque, a trip by boat recommended after a visit to either Rigi or Pilatus, the mountains near Lucerne. 1 – Bern does not deserve first spot. Lucerne and Zurich are a lot better.
    Overall, you list very little of what most tourists love best: The high mountains ( Titlis, Schilthorn etc. etc.) and the beautiful valleys and mountain lakes, or the quaint villages and towns (Stein am Rhein, Olten, Baden, Schaffhausen which is near Europe's biggest waterfall), and others.
    Could it be that commercial interests informed your choice?

  25. KUYAJIBOY Official says

    how to travel. was money.

  26. Anthony Chua says

    One day I'll be here.

  27. Shuoshuo Xia says

    What can we do rather than watch these videos ???

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