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10 Best Places to Visit in Italy – Travel Video


Check out all the places seen in this video:

Located in Southern Europe, this boot-shaped country is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for a number of reasons that include art treasures, trendy fashion, stunning landscapes, passionate people and top-class cuisine. Italy offers so much to see and do that it would take a lifetime to explore.

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  1. Esmeralditomoony Prishka says

    Ore na mbyten shpirraqet ????

  2. Shutty Music says

    I can’t even get a visa to the US I don’t even know what am doing over here ??

  3. Delicious sizzling says

    Italy wonderful place

  4. ilya kalinskiy says

    يتاليا بروستي معنع⁦??⁩

  5. Francesco Rizzo says

    Naples?! I am italian. I would never visit it.
    I also care about my life and wallet, but this has nothing to do with the rest of this message 😉

  6. Marija Radonić says

    I Need to go there, it is my only wish!!

  7. yes yes says

    they. made italy from jojo a real thing

  8. Raj Sunar says

    Wow nice contrary

  9. Freeway says

    Traveling through the internet since I'm locked up in my house ?

  10. Nate The Reverse Card says

    naples being the first one/jojo fans: HOHO

  11. Ann Deakin says

    Italy a magical country.Lakes museums,walks.Enjoyed my times spent in all the areas of this country.Roman world and. Venice were well remembered holidays.The. History Rome takes time to see .Enjoy this great country.Ann Deakin Warwick England. 2020

  12. Adeeba Rehman says


  13. Zemfira Davtyan says

    Amazing video thank you very much for your wonderful work !!!

  14. G Matthews says

    Italians are the best builders in the world….they have left proof of this everywhere.
    Italians are superb cooks. Their cooking is healthy and flavorful.
    Italians are wonderful vintners. Been making wine since the beginning of time.
    It's their passion and love of life that makes them excel at everything they do!

  15. Filippo Bertagnolio says

    Italy is so beautiful only feel very sorry that is administrate buy stupid people that stay destroy this fantastic country . Since crise of 2007 never grow up again italy always poorer and poorer now with Covid 19 italy really have few chance to raise up again … to much stupid talking , too much scam , too much waste of money by the authorities

  16. Daniel Bally says

    You should’ve really added Bologna, Torino, Sardinia, Genoa and the Calabria region at least as honorable mentions. I know it’s extremely hard to narrow Italy in to only 10.

  17. Dan Tonkin says

    Incredible. I'm going in a couple of months. Can't wait.

  18. Таня Белякова says

    Да, есть красивые и интересные места.

  19. Таня Белякова says

    Да, есть красивые и интересные места.

  20. The Drift 9- Travel Zone says

    I will definitely visit at least for once along with family !!!

  21. Jonathan Merdes says

    Calabria is the most beautiful region in my opinion…
    Cities like Tropea and Reggio; the very small villages in the moutains are just gorgeous and the nature itself is stunning, like the Bivongi waterfalls…

  22. Lilya Loulou says

    Love is Italy and Italy is love??

  23. Anza Nisar says

    One of tremendous.

  24. Tara Necunoscutul says

    there is no place in italy where u can step without finding something amazing and unic, even the most remote and unknown villages lost who knows where has something thats gonna heat you deep down your hearth with hes beauty! the world is beautiful like a crown, but italy is the crown's main diamond. and i dont wanna talk about food becouse i wanna cry…there is no better food anywhere in the world like u can find in italy, especially fish. i was lucky enough to see most of the world's best places, but if u love art and love eating, than everything ends when u see italy. u will never had enough of it!! there is only one exception : santorini in greece!!!!! that is beyond art and any human comprehension, like a real god's private and exclusive garden, dwelt by zeus in person in hes best mood ever!!!!

  25. Alen Horiba says

    Me:Everything in life is a jojo reference

  26. İsmayil Camalov says

    My favorite country????

  27. hans says

    bella italia, Brama di vita, arte e cultura, molta pasta, sole e mare, moda, e ragazze che ti sciolgono come ghiaccio al sole
    quella è l'Italia, e per non dimenticare la mafia

  28. Mansha Angurala says

    See you soon my ?ITALY???!!!. TILL THEN WAIT ALRIGHT?!. ????
    AMAZING PLACE!!!.???

  29. Prabbnoor Kaur says

    Italy's where I was born and I miss so much much it has been 4 years I have not went there only once but not all life

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