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10 Best Places to Visit in Germany – Travel Video


Check out all the places seen in this video:

Best known for its famous Oktoberfest and World War II history, Germany is also home to some of Europa’s most beautiful scenery, fairytale castles, important historic sites and lively party scenes. Located in the heart of Europe, Germany maintains the continent’s most powerful economy.

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  1. tourism tv says

    Magnificent holiday home in Lajoux Jura mountains Switzerland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvY2HYOXgfo

  2. Urszula Gromadzka says

    Gering place

  3. Mephisto Schauder says

    5:30 is everything you need to know about germany

  4. Ghavya Z says

    Honestly I didn't feel anything attractive and beautiful nothing is wow over there

  5. mpl good life says

    I am from Germany i am Christian

  6. Nancy Hobson says

    It's ten years since I visited. I have two grandchildren whom I haven't seen. Time to go again.

  7. Pinky Garg says

    U r right Malik g. Beautiful Germany ??

  8. The Rey says

    Very Nice. Thanks.

  9. Beautiful Sri Lanka says

    So beautiful

  10. Navid Navid says

    I love Germany ???

  11. Yo Yogita Singh says

    Wonderful I really felt that I was just there

  12. GLASTONBURY says



    Good places in germany

  14. Janet Turner says

    Hamburg, Weimar are worth a visit. There are loads of small towns and villages to be taken into account too, Koblenz, Mainz and Trier also.

  15. Eliel Shaddai says

    I want to see German I can't wait I love it now I can't wait watch it now right now

  16. ShadowZZZ says

    Wartburg (middle ages castle, great history), Bremen (port), Bonn (music, beethoven), Cologne (cathedral), Potsdamm (parks & baroque castles), as well as various parts of munich (marienplatz, hofbräuhaus, market, english garden, olympia park, zoos) and berlin (friedrichstr., brandenburg gate, reichstag, museum island, Charlottenburg Palace, alexander platz, memorium museums, art galeries) are worth seeing and learning about imo. Germany has rich history to learn about, beautiful architecture, delicious street food, tolerant and liberal/progressive pepole

  17. قنوات أطفال وكليبات says
  18. Daily Clips X says

    Here is a good video on Germany


  19. Hoshiar Singh says

    Very beautiful country. A land of Aryans &torch bearer of civilisation. Thanks for beautiful video.

  20. Konst_Ru_De says

    3:08 – huge blunder! It's actually Cochem, which is on the Mosel river and not on the Rhine!!

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