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These are my TOP 10 AIRPORT TIPS that I always do when I’m not working as a Flight Attendant and just traveling for vacation or personal reasons. Working in aviation as cabin crew you learn so many travel hacks and airport tips!

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  1. Fly With Stella says

    Follow my life as a Flight Attendant – https://www.instagram.com/flywithstella/

  2. trangenusa says

    you should type up your 10 TIPS as bullet points and post them as text under your naration

  3. Elsini says

    Ive never been in an airport and I've never been on a plane. In 3 days im flying for the first time and I've always been afraid of planes, im the kind of person that is afraid of literally EVERYTHING. Wish me luck lol

  4. Gavin Hamill says

    Her voice pisses me off

  5. C Beto says

    Awesome tips… Flying for the 1st time out of the US. im nervous, even bought Business Class just to feel less nervous about navigating the airports and stops during my flight. ??? maybe i should just cancel my trip ?

  6. Tata G says

    I wonder how the airports will be like after this whole pandemic issue being settled

  7. Seela Turunen says

    my personal tips & hacks:

    1. always use the check-in where you can do it with online machines which looks like ATM's instead of the ones where some worker does it. it's so much easier and so much faster.

    2. if you're traveling with family, go to family security. there's usually very small lines.

    3. do not eat sweets or chips etc. before flights. that makes you feel bloated in the plane, eat something healthy instead, and eat the sweets in the plane.

    4. charge your phone in the airport. usually in the plane there's no places for USB charging.

    5. for killing time: get some more information about the city or hotel or country that you're going to. that's actually pretty fun and i do it immediatly after we've booked the trip.

    6. Watch photos about the airport you're flying to. It might save time while you're looking for the place you pick up your luggage, and pay attention on toilets!!

  8. 스테파니 Stephanie 조셉 says

    This is the first video I've watched of yours and I subscribed because you're so full of joy and helpful tips Stella ?

  9. Jann Coppock says

    The Dollar Tree sells 8 shower caps for a dollar and they are great for packing shoes in so your shoes won't get your clothes dirty.

  10. Miguel Garcia says

    If you're a woman I'm sooo sorry ?. There is always a line most of the time for the woman's restroom ?

  11. Kevin Robertson says

    I love your energy! You are amazing.

  12. Desiree Roland says

    Great video, thank you Stella! Mine are 1. carry a portable cell phone charger, an empty water bottle, eat before I arrive but no large, heavy meals keep it light and nutritious, 2. download the airport/airline app is a MUST, 3. wear leggings & sneakers instead of dresses & sandals for "mobility", 4. ask flight attendant to fill your bottle with ice instead of water which helps cut down trips to bathrooms on and off the plane, 5. bringing a GOOD book to get lost in is a MUST (this helps with the butterflies I get in my stomach when flying), 6. pin my hair up 7. courtesy to airline staff & passengers is a MUST

  13. Samantha’s Life says

    Can we take a medal water bottle or not

  14. sarah smiles says

    What if you only have a 1 hour connection?

  15. Ralph Christ says

    I am a retired Pilot with PAL and I love your channel. If everyone would follow your information it would make their flights so much earlier, you pay a few extra dollars and worth every cent. Ever since I have retired I I always follow your information. Your an and 74 are my two bibles. Why couldn't I have had? Oh, attendants like you. Keep up the good work now if we can get everyone else to follow them it would make flying so much easier. Oh, one more tip and not to get in front or behind someone so do not believe in bathing damn that can kill your whole day. Again keep up the great work, love your channel. I flew 747-SP, loved them but at 72 it is fly and enjoy.

  16. Emmaline McCarthy says

    My friends ask me if they can drive me to the airport bro.

  17. ALVVCIA says

    This was very helpful this will be my first flight by myself since I'm 17 now and I'm honestly so nervous

  18. Jupe367 says

    how do I pay for a lounge ticket? I always thought that is for first-class or crew members. Do I just enter through the doors and purchase onsite?

  19. The Canadian Gamer says

    Would take a car service to the airport but it is a three hour drive and I am not spending 500 bucks on a taxi no Ubers or Lyft here

  20. Michael Stefanski says

    I'm playing going today at airports

  21. vanny says

    We need an update (Flying during Covid19)

  22. Rosa McGechie says

    love your energy xx

  23. Vickie says

    "Get to the airport early"

    No problem my mom always makes us go to the airport like 4 hours early lol. Not that I'm mad. Airports are fun 🙂

  24. Tina_49 says

    great tips and info, presentation's a little intense and squeaky but okay..

  25. HandMeTheBelt says

    Literally the best flight attendant ever!! I hope your on my flight

  26. Danna Cisneros says

    I’m going to Mexico in November with my older brother and cousins because of my cousins quinceñera. It will be my first time ever going on a plane and going to Mexico. I’m nervous so I’m just watching these to calm down

  27. _TeaCupTea_シ says

    And I thought my family was weird for arriving 3 hours early lol

  28. Emilie Mickelsen says

    My airport is 5 hours away by bus. So like. It’s kind of a fun guessing game.

  29. Mehwish Kayani says

    Who is watching during corona?

  30. YellowShadowz says

    If you think about it, airplanes are kind of like malls. Lmao

  31. Dawood Malik says

    I am maybe going to the USA but maybe not plzz pray for me so I can go see homeland after a long time plzz pray and help ??

  32. Dylan Montealegre says

    One thing I remember to do… wear the most comfortable clothes possible. Yes, they might be scrubs, but it is so much easier to fall asleep in a hoodie than jeans and a polo

  33. Mckenzie Payne says

    I’m glad I subscribed she was the only one that actually know what it’s like to work for airlines

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