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10 Android Apps that are SERIOUSLY COOL!


Here are 10 Android Apps that seriously impressed me – definitely worth trying out!

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  1. Sam Beckman says

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  2. G Ravi varma says

    Time stamps are important

  3. mike sara says

    Great video but what about VivaTV and some other movies app. I hope you will do. Thank you!

  4. Jay f. says

    Appreciate these ultrawide friendly videos man

  5. The Hound says

    Any app to kill WhatsApp Internet. While keeping your internet ON? Like if a person sends you a message but he shouldn't get a double tick.

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  7. Butty Prince says

    I got One Shade installed and it works flawlessly!

  8. Monika Upadhyay says

    You explain pretty well ??

  9. Mika Melin says

    Dude! Love your style. Great app tips, amazing editing and straight to the point. Feels like the kind of stuff that first made me fall in love with android. Most other android channels feels so samey and generic, your stuff feels like a fresh breeze. Instant subscribe! You deserve way more subscribers. May the YT agorithm boost thy channel

  10. Vanessa L says

    Emulate a hole punch. Yeah that's what I want.

  11. teddy1176 says

    Link for Ice Box app provided in the description of the video not working. Please help.

  12. Toks Tech says

    elocance text-to-speech app is seriously cool – https://www.elocance.com/en/

  13. Gaurav Singh says

    The apps are fine, but the way you describe them..

  14. Ayden tv says

    I use background eraser along with photo labs to make thumbnails logos etc.. 10 outta 10woupd recommend both

  15. Jack Stroup says

    my moto z4 already has that double swing flashlight gesture

  16. Dick Cage says

    One shade app od dope!

  17. Harin Mathers says

    Very useful

  18. Angus Brewster says

    about 75% of the things in this video coud just be achieved by using a custom rom and launcher

  19. Fokop Mix says

    Hi good job I would like to know which launcher you have on your phone thank…. See you

  20. Frenzy says

    Whats the weather widget?

  21. Chirag Patel says

    try shareable app

  22. nitroxide91 says

    I was wondering what the phone you are using is. It looks amazing

  23. Liam Reihwald says

    Shakelight is basically just a ripoff of Motorola Actions

  24. Nightmares Beyond Life says

    Dumbass bitch jje74 to

  25. Butacu Cosmin says

    Android apps but he use first an iphone :))

  26. OmgIt'sBri XD says

    Tbh I clicked because of the keyboard. I've been using it one for the past month and it's honestly the coolest thing ever

  27. LIFE FAM says

    Try CLEVER CBT apps to make online test n there is also web site of it, http://www.clevercbt.com

  28. Akshat K says

    Have you tried LitWallz app?
    litwallz is my current favourite Wallpaper app

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