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$1.29 Buffet – ALL YOU CAN EAT Thai Street Food in Bangkok, Thailand!


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Buffet 40 THB ($1.29) Lumphini Park in Bangkok, Thailand (บุฟเฟต์ 40 บาท สวนลุมพินี) #StreetFood #Bangkok #Thailand

Located on the fence just outside the major central Lumphini Park in Bangkok, Thailand, are a number of Thai street food stalls. You can get all sorts of delicious and on the go Thai food. But there’s one stall where you pay 40 THB ($1.29), and you can eat as much as you want, a full buffet. I’d say it’s one of the most affordable buffets I’ve ever had anywhere in the world.

You’ll find a mix of different Thai dishes, a variety of different curries with coconut milk, and a number of different stir fry dishes. Overall, you have about a dozen different Thai dishes to choose from. I was surprised by the amount of meat in dishes – they don’t skimp at all on the meats and proteins. You first grab a plate of rice and start digging in to whatever you want.

Two of my favorite dishes at this Thai street food buffet were the boiled beef with lemongrass, and the boiled salmon soup!

In addition to an affordable all you can eat buffet, the people you meet eating here are cool and laid back, and the owner and chef is so friendly. He kept inviting me back to the buffet line to eat more food – “come back and have another plate!”

“Done Deal”


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  1. Sam says

    anyone gonna talk about how unsanitary it is to dip your hand/cup into the community tea @5:00 ????!!!! SO GROSS these tai ppl be having stomachs of steel!

  2. Jy G says

    So cheap yet seems so healthy and tasty ???❤

  3. Trena Richardson says

    Some of that food looks yummy

  4. Love gang says

    Be careful the crow in garden still your food?

  5. Vincent Li says

    You are one of the better travel youtube channels. I love how you're experiencing, and not consuming/judging, another culture. This is what draws me back, watching you is like actually having a travel buddy that's curious and open to seeing new things as is

  6. KEN CHEN says


  7. Jon Carlos says

    your great ..I've been in bangkok last July 2019 and tried a lot of Thai dishes its so tasty and spicy..

  8. Sudirno Van Dyke says

    That is heaven.

  9. Team Lauria says

    The morning glory he was saying is actually Water spinach or Kangkong in the Philippines.

  10. Team Lauria says

    I love his reaction every time he take a bite! Makes me hungry.

  11. Attila Rivera says

    Não entendo como ele consegue manter a forma. ?
    Se eu comer 1 colher de feijão a mais a balança explode! Darn ?

  12. Thoser reee says


  13. BIG L says

    Mark mate ur videos make me happy

  14. Archit Shukla says

    Mark, what did you say in the end? Did you express gratitude?

  15. ศุภวิชญ์ จันทนะ says


  16. Manuel Delgado says

    The business owner can be google executives or even a ceo. He needs to write a book and go on speaking tour

  17. Manuel Delgado says

    How do they make money?

  18. The Viking says

    Now that Mark is raking in money….I think and hope he gave them a big $$ tip

  19. conker241 says

    This guy fucks

  20. Zhi Bin Liu says

    I am sure this stall is not making money even if rental is zero

  21. Constance Westwood says

    Amazing indeed, love the simplicity of this corner.

  22. kram reivaj says

    Yeah its cheap because its doble dead pork beef and chicken.

  23. Lamjuan Melendl says

    I can't wait to go Back to Thailand again my Family's members and I we're love love that place very very much Every year we go Back to Thailand we have too go there can't leave Thailand with out go there my Dear

  24. Lamjuan Melendl says

    You're making me missed Thailand so much right now my Dear and you're so lucky man in the world that you can doing what you're loving it treaving around the world and we all sending our love from all of us in America ?????????????

  25. The Wandering Cats says

    Hopefully I can come here when the international travel ban lifted

  26. Eileen Thomas says

    Love your show can you show me what apartments look like there and the cost of them.

  27. Glo Schmitz says

    We went to Thailand in February. We ate here!!! It was so good!!! And yes, it was $1.29! Only thing we didn't try, was the soup, as it was not done yet. They were so friendly!
    Every Thai person we met was wonderful. It was the best vacation ever. I ate all the time and lost 14#. Lol.
    I would LOVE to do it again.

  28. Swoopy says

    MSG is always so good.

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