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02. Offense – Michael Jordan Basketball Training – Jab Step


N° 02/12 – A potent offensive weapon that can cause defensive players confusion and get them off-balance. An essential part of the triple-threat offense.

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  1. Wendell Lee says

    why is there no sound

  2. EZCarFix says

    It's all about who posts the video.

  3. YaBoySheldon says

    How come a shitty expertvillage basketball video is gettin' more views than this? This is the greatest basketball player of all time!!

  4. stacey mobley says

    MJ, who better to learn basketball fundamentals from. Will never be a better basketball player

  5. Mi Ko says

    I LOVE the Wilson Solution

  6. Jeremy Lui says

    thx for uploading all the jordan's vid, it helps me a lot on triple threat
    he's definitely the best ever to master triple threat

  7. Chi says

    Is it me, or does that ball look tinnyyyyy compared to mj

  8. Vito Jimenez says

    Thank you

  9. Redazione Tuttobasket says

    Hi, I am very happy for the help to you and your brother.

  10. Valens says

    tysm for this help i want anyoen who got helped by this subscribe to this person =P!!!

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