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? XBOX Games Showcase LIVE: HALO INFINITE Demo, FABLE, Pre+Post Show (Official)


Watch complete coverage of Xbox Games Showcase this Thursday, with a pre/post show hosted by Geoff Keighley (The Game Awards) with YouTube Gaming Creators and other special guests. Creators appearing include Ninja, JackSepticEye, MatPat, LaurenZSide, J.D. Witherspoon, Lamarr Wilson and more.

See new looks at upcoming Xbox Series X games including the campaign gameplay reveal for Halo Infinite.

– Live pre-show begins at 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT with additional world premieres.
– Main Event at Noon ET / 9 AM PT featuring Halo Infinite campaign gameplay reveal.
– Live post-show immediately after event with developers and reactions.


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  2. c00ley says

    why's the chat replay disabled?

  3. Robert Kile says

    What is the game at 38:01? I played it forever ago. It was an awesome game and I have been trying to remember for the past few years.

  4. bvbbvbbvb says

    seems like the ps dude's spending more time commenting xbox videos, rather than playing on there playstation…

  5. mtalhart says

    Who took a dump in that sour bitch's coffee.. Why even open your mouth when you hate Ps5 and Xbox, why are you on this show? Stay over at Nintendo, we don't need your thought if you have nothing constructive to say.. Now f**k off

  6. TKTheHedgehog says

    Balan Wonderworld…..thats it for me. That is theee game of the generation. Period.

  7. Jonathan Henrique says

    PlayStation 5 is a big trash with no exclusives

  8. runJDrun says

    This was lit, thanks for having me Geoff

  9. reprobate79 says

    Vox chick: “I don’t like sequels”
    Hopes there’s an exclusive Final Fantasy.
    Also doesn’t like Halo so she’ll take a bathroom break during the presentation.

  10. Broken Hearted Channel says

    I enjoyed watching. I love it.

  11. Shaukheen Musical says

    1 number ???

  12. Shaukheen Musical says


  13. TMC says

    You People are so DISINGENUOUS. 12 teraflops of POWER where emphasized by microsoft yet we got current gen visuals. Gamepass is great we already knew this, But overall this show was definitely not a B+. The Corporate sponsers attached to these youtubers are causing them to be very fake and overly polite.

  14. pdubepcot says

    The "new" Halo just looks like a Halo 1 reboot with open world and better graphics. Xbox needs NEW exclusive triple A IPs. This presentation didn't "showcase" the power of the new system compared to Xbox One at all. And this panel just goes on about how great game pass is which is an already existing service.

  15. Jeff Souzz says


  16. Goat Haven says


  17. Castor's Dream says

    47:30 I was all excited and shit because I thought he was talking about elden ring ?

  18. jacob lydamore says

    this is a showcase and its this laggy, not a good look

  19. Angelo Lima says

    Gamescon legend of dragoon remake from bluepoint its going to happen

  20. Summer Gooding says

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    trident josh

  21. RadimusCisco says

    I would have preferred a preshow with only gamer trailers without even transitions. This was a show with many guests that don't know shit about the platform/console . Not all of them where like that but when someone says that they need to be convinced, that is a bad presentation.

  22. RadimusCisco says

    I hope next time Xbox keeps the preshow internal… Or not live at the very least…

  23. Best official media says


  24. Snakefate says

    Who tf Allegra? If Microsoft invites you to talk about their new console and stuff, why tf are you shit talking their flagship game?

  25. Doodle Daves says

    Banjo is officially dead

  26. Fernando Bolaños says

    I don't know who any of this people are but, they sound stupid and I think they were watching a whole different show! Bwahahahaha

  27. Sobat Santai says

    Subscribe my chanel

  28. rrooyy1 says

    What's the song @ 46:40???

  29. Zain says

    Why x box games all for kids

  30. BOSS SHAWN says

    Dude I’ve never seen such toxic insecure fanboys as the PlayStation community it’s literally pathetic. Someone in the industry should make a video calling them out. Every chance they get they run online and try to downplay anything that has to do with XBOX. They are upset that XBOX has more exclusives than PlayStation so they are trying to switch the narrative from “no games” to now let’s claim games that aren’t even out yet are somehow trash. The PlayStation community is an embarrassment to gaming.

  31. Marduk says

    the lag in this video is horrible, please get your shit together

  32. the MSK WORLD GAMINg says


  33. CREATER WORLD says

    namaskar sir

  34. Jesani YT says

    1:10:50 yo wtf they got some WOW characters in halo now?

  35. Angelo Lima says

    Not even a ninja theory trailer

  36. Vrushali Satam says

    Noob kid

  37. Jeswanth Doppalapudi says

    Lip syncing in Watch Dogs was so cheesy

  38. Thomas Jones says

    you know i love me some xbox…but im not gonna spend 5 or 6 hundered dollars for 2 or 3 games that i liked here ,cartoon games lets eat fairys games racing games that i throw my controller to the next room …come on xbox,i need a horizan or uncharted or last of us kind of games,not just one halo or gears omg wake up ,the more i watch this the more i get diisapointed…ok im done but ok im done lol i had such high hopes too.

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