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⚽️5-A-SIDE MESSI vs RONALDO!⚽️ Feat Mbappe, Zlatan, Haaland, Mane + the Frontmen


Messi and Ronaldo captain their teams in an epic head-to-head! First to 5 wins!
See Part 1 here??
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442oons was created by me… Dean Stobbart! I do the voices/scripts/ideas/directing/editing/characters blah blah blah … and now I’ve got four animators doing all the hard work, the animation… (which is why the animation looks better)
Bravo Sam Dunscombe, Mike Myler, James Williams and Karl Hargreaves (Karl does the art these days … which is why the art looks better).
Thanks for watching! Adios!

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  1. Guilherme Davi Mello says

    Ronaldo : Score a goal
    Neymar the VAR:Kicks the Ball

    Team Ronaldo Win the face of mourinho and Wenger '-' ???

  2. GC Nova says

    I can do a mimicry of 442oons ronaldo and kane.
    Believe me!

  3. Thomas Hall says

    :mbappe never passes to anyone accept neymar
    :Jose and wern talking s*
    : neymar gets thrown by tema ronaldo
    :also mbappe f neymar let’s go Sadie mane

  4. The Islam fam says


  5. Niklas Linnama says

    Messi is the best player In world and Ronaldo cheater

  6. Greenlander says


  7. CroGamer IM says

    Always ronaldo have win?

  8. Daysi Arrozpide says

    Soy el unico argentino

  9. Chrison Archer says

    This is more corrupt than psg finances ??????

  10. Sadaiya Lato says

    yeah ronalaldö

  11. dergamer 0310 says

    1:58 ehm suarez ?

  12. Lior says

    RIP Bale…

  13. RTX Gaming says

    Everytime you let to win Ronaldo

  14. devang chauhan says

    Lol mane said messi is the best, even mbappe said that Messi will win the ballondor because he is the best in the world?

  15. Zain Sheikh says

    Where is Lewandowski

  16. Elite Pros says

    Just like T-Botseries vs PewDiePie

  17. Free Fire says

    Fit video
    Team Ronaldo wins

  18. Tracey Waddington says

    Cavani referee and quiz the 2 (two) teams.

  19. Alex Warne says

    Adrian why not karius

    Please can I have likes and replys

  20. Barna Luy says

    Why MSN is not 1 team???? Messi no wants to sign Neymar to Barca????

  21. Djordje Tanic says


  22. peter parker says

    this is not fair no kick of goals

  23. Kareem playz says

    Neymar is my favourite player but I can't get enough of the diving

  24. joao Vitor De Lima says


  25. Magdalena Dujmovic says

    Fak yo

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