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♪Vivi's 24/7 Video Game Music Stream♪ Request your music!


Come and listen to your favourite VGMs! (Mostly Nintendo, but open to anything!)

Please don’t forget to like/share and subscribe, that way you will be aware when I’m streaming and you’ll help making the stream visible to new people! Thanks! 🙂

How to request a song?

You can use !sr ‘song title’ to request any song from our playlist.

Want to request a song to be added to our music library? Please let us know on discord!

The stream and my music playlists are advertisement free. I still have to work hard to maintain my streaming PC and all the hours that go into setting this up! That’s why any donation will help me alot! You can donate here:

A big thanks to the current donators on Patreon:
– Jarred Reiling
– Lazy Bastard
– Doopliss Changer
– Keller White
– Zac
– Olivier Daniel Pal
– Derp556
– Ninjastrength Gaming / Void Dragon
?????? ????????

!srinfo: Learn how to request a song!
!sr ‘insert song title here’: Request a song!

!rp: You gain Rupees for watching the stream and subscribing, to see your total Rupees and watch time, use !rp.
!fliprupee “amount”. This allows you to flip a coin, if you win you earn 100% your bet, if you lose, you’ll lose your entry. 1 Minute CD per user.
!robbery ‘amount’. You’ll start a robbery, people can join the robbery! (The more users participate, the more chance we get to rob a bigger treasure!)
!give ‘CHANNEL ID’ ‘AMOUNT’. You can find this by going to the persons channel and copy the ID from the URL.
WARNING: Only users with Rank 1 can use the following commands:

!rank: This will show your current rank. To get higher ranks you’ll have to watch the stream longer!
!toprupees: This will show the user with the most Rupees.
!topviewer: This will show the user with the longest watch time.

Rank 1: Deku Scrub (1 hour watchtime)
Rank 2: Octorok (2 hours watchtime)
Rank 3: Zora Child (3 hours watchtime)
Rank 4: Goron Warrior (4 hours watchtime)
Rank 5: Darknut (5 hours watchtime)
Rank 6: Golden Octorok (10 hours watchtime)
Rank 7: Golden Lynel (24 hours watchtime)
Rank 8: Legendary Hero (30 hours watchtime)
Rank 9: Majora (40 hours watchtime)
Rank 10: Ganondorf (50 hours watchtime)
Rank 11: Vaati (60 Hours watchtime)
Rank 12: Zelda (70 Hours watchtime)
Rank 13: Demise (100 Hours watchtime)
Rank 14: The King of Hyrule (150 Hours watchtime)
Rank 15: Kaepora Gaebora (Owl) (200 Hours watchtime)
Rank 16: Tingle (250 Hours Watchtime)
Rank 17: Happy Mask Salesman (300 Hours watchtime)
Rank 18: Dampé The Gravekeeper (350 Hours watchtime)
Rank 19: Postman (400 Hours watchtime)
Rank 20: Triforce (500 Hours watchtime)
Rank 21: Lord Dense (700 Hours watchtime)
Rank 22: Fierce Deity Link (850 Hours watchtime)
Rank 23: Keller White (1000 Hours watchtime)
Rank 24: Zephos (1200 Hours watchtime)
Rank 25: Cyclos (1450 Hours watchtime)
Rank 26: Onos (1700 Hours watchtime)
Rank 27: Goddess Farore (1850 Hours watchtime)
Rank 28: Goddess Nayru (1900 Hours watchtime)
Rank 29: Goddess Din (2000 Hours watchtime)
Rank 30: ??? (2200 Hours watchtime)
Rank 31: ??? (2500 Hours watchtime)

Maybe there are more ranks…?

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