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అగ్రికల్చర్ మెషిన్స్ Amazing Modern Agriculture Machines-Latest Technology Agriculture Equipment


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  1. Pramod Krishna says

    Please share the details of 18.shraider machine and drone sprayer

  2. koneti veerendra says


  3. koneti veerendra says


  4. Mahesh nagelli says

    Good information

  5. Rama Krishna says


  6. Hanuman Babu says

    Sister in our India small scale. Farmer s are large-scale your discrptinsare not use for them Please translate their usefull implements example power tiller s trcters with their permission s thanque

  7. Mani Kumari says


  8. K Bikshapathi says


  9. Mohd Khaja says


  10. donthabhaktuni manikumar says

    Chala baagundi

  11. D. srinath dhanekula says

    thank you nice video

  12. B Suresh says


  13. Veerendra Darapureddy says

    I need 5th drone

  14. Bhumi reddy Ramakrishana reddy says

    super video pemtyastick elamti videos emka koni cheyamdi

  15. Harinadh Harinadh says

    Can you please tell the robotic spray drown it's feautures and it's cost and water capacity of spraying chemicals in field and how to control it? And it's cost, where we have to buy, sent me all details about, if you any problem to take viedo sent me the link to my what's up number is 9912875272

  16. Usha K says

    what cost of sprayer mam???

  17. upendra uppi says

    How can we get machine's

  18. upendra uppi says

    How can we get the mechanism

  19. mohammed Rafi says


  20. Mani Andura says

    Good. akka.????

  21. raja kennedy says

    Nice machinery

  22. ShaShiDhaR Patel Miryala says

    I am farmer very good information thank you. I want Spray Drown

  23. kishore chennupati says

    మిర్చి తోటలో రెడ్ చిల్లీ ని సపరేట్ చేసే సెన్సర్ తో పని చేసే మిషన్ ఉన్నదేమో ఎంక్వయిరీ చేసి పెట్టండి రైతు లకు ఉపయోగం ఉంటుంది

  24. Godavari Surya says

    Technology perigithe Work Easy but Agriculture workers ki no work.

  25. Bhavani Sri says

    Iam an agricultural student. Very good information thank u very much


    Very interesting video enka chaala pettandi love to watch…

  27. Make It Easy says


  28. Chelumala Murali says

    Plz give details about spray drone

  29. srinu medara says

    Spray dron epudu available undha unte number send cheyara please

  30. Kodepaka Naveen says


  31. agricultural drone says

    I want drone how much cost

  32. Gangadas Kandle says

    Drone cost entha

  33. Koyyada Kumar says

    ఈటువంటి యంత్రాలను accept చెయవద్దు పేదవారికి పనిలేకుండా అవుతుంది కాబట్టి ప్రభుత్వం వీటికి

  34. Bhargavyadavkota Bhargav says

    I want to here in this channel because I love this channel most interesting knowledgeble channels

  35. Bhargavyadavkota Bhargav says

    Explain about gyroscopic buses in telugu

  36. Sandeep Dubba says

    Useful video

  37. తెలుగోడి పౌరుషం says

    459 like…..

  38. Rupa Praveen says

    Super ?????

  39. Bathini Kalpana says

    I liked the strawberry harvester, because I love strawberry

  40. Lachaiah Kankanala says

    Super akka

  41. sumithra reddy says

    Rain water. Harvest

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