माछा बेचेर डेढ करोड कमाइ [ The Nepal today ] Agriculture in Nepal

माछा बेचेर डेढ करोड कमाइ  [ The Nepal today ] Agriculture in Nepal

तुलकुमार राइले माछा बेचेर बार्षिक डेढ करोड कमाउँछन् । उनले जोडेको सम्पत्ति २५ करोड पुगिसकेको छ । सबै थाहा पाउन हेर्नुहोस् पुरै भीडियो ।

बिस्तृत जानकरिकोलागि पुरा भिडियो हेर्नुहोला अनि शेयर र सब्स्क्राइब गर्न नभुल्नुहोला ।
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सूचना: यस भिडियोको लिंक आफ्नो अनलाइन, युटुब, फेसबुकमा शेयर गर्न सक्नु हुनेछ। तर बिना ईजाजत पुरा वा आंशिक भाग अपलोड गरेको पाइएमा प्रचलित कानुन बमोजिम कारवाही हुनेछ ।
Nepal Today is a weekly television program developed by Media Plan Private Limited (Registration no.17985/058/059). Nepal Today is broadcasted from Nepal Television Plus every Wednesday at 7PM. After eight consecutive years of television broadcasting, it is now 7.00 pm every week on Monday on You Tube. (youtube.comthenepaltoday)
Since its median broadcast on June 29, 2012, Most likely, this is the first private sector-run television program about agriculture.
This program is dedicated to Nepal’s 66% population who are engaged in agriculture.
The main topics of Nepal today are challenges and prospects of agriculture which contributes 33% to Nepal’s national economy, agriculture suitable to Nepalese soil and climate, agriculture-related programs of the Nepal Government, modern agricultural technology, agricultural market, views of farmers.

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  1. स्यालुट महान कृशक दाई लाई साथै तपाई कार्यक्रम प्रस्तोता लाई पनी हार्दिक नमन 🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗

  2. this story is a slap to all those magar gurung rai limbu tamang gurkha lahures who are actually watchmen in the british and indian army.
    everything is possible if you try hard in life. we can do something in our own country.
    too bad Nepali mentality is: They do not like to clean their own toilet in Nepal but they are happy to clean public toilets and do dishes in a foreign country.

    When will Nepali change their Buddi ????????

  3. Very inspirational story, Mr. Rai has fight with the situation & he make knees down to them who are not ans him @ a time. But this a big opportunity to youths who really wanna come back to their villages & settle themeslf on Nepal, if govt has keep there open view & concern about future. Or the days are not far way they need to apply Like NRc at Nepal too.

  4. 👏👏👏 hats off to Tul sir!! And thank you to Media Plan for producing great series of agri videos. Nepal needs more of this and young generations needs to learn from them, SMEs(small and medium enterprises) are what will propel this country out of poverty. Hope one day Nepal will be a role model in SMEs.

  5. नवराज कर्मचार्य भान्जा, भिनाजु संग मिलेर माछा राम्ररि हुर्काउनु ब्याबसाय राम्रो छ है अब आउदा फेरि आउछु 😁😊 जे होस हेरेर मज्जा आयो।

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